Skin perfection is just a few swipes away with this new beauty holy grail. Beauty influencers on IG have been gushing over it since it works like skincare and makeup in one. So, we didn't pass up on checking out this multipurpose item. We love double-acting and tipid products, after all!

Here it is: the POND'S Instabright Glow Up Cream. This special beauty cream lets you choose the way that you glow. Use the product in more ways than one, and decide based on your beauty habits and preferences. To help you decide, we put together a list of the things we love about this new holy grail:

1. It keeps the skin hydrated with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3+.

ICYDK, these ingredients can help keep the skin looking and feeling hydrated. With both of them, the POND'S Instabright Glow Up Cream is definitely the perfect moisturizer. Apply a generous amount evenly on your face as part of your morning skincare regimen.

2. It has a light, non-sticky formula.

Some products like creams can feel heavy and sticky on the face. What's great about this new beauty cream is its lightweight and non-greasy feel that lasts all day. Just dab a small amount on your face using your fingers before applying your chosen makeup base. For a subtle, dewy finish, layer it beneath your foundation. Voila! Skin perfection with a honey-skin glow!

3. Its three cute shades suit most skin tones.

Sometimes, it's hard to choose among makeup shades because they're made for foreign skin tones. With POND'S, every selection in this range was specifically designed for Pinay complexions. Score an instant glow, and choose from Pink Crush, Golden Sunshine, or Pearly Aura. It can also work as a highlighter or bronzer—just swipe it on your cheekbones.

4. It lets you ~*glow*~ in your own way.

Like what our fave beauty influencers on IG have been saying, there are so many looks you can pull off with the product. Aside from a moisturizer, it works as a highlighter or primer. It can even be used as an eyeshadow! Mix and match it with your skincare products or your makeup to really explore your beauty options.

Choose your glow when shopping for multipurpose beauty products. Achieve skin perfection with POND'S Instabright Glow Up Cream.