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Be Your Own Beautiful

About Us

BeautyHub.PH is a homegrown, online platform that challenges outdated notions of beauty by inspiring Filipino women with the message, “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.” In this safe space, you can read articles on self-care and skincare, beauty trends, and positive encouragement. It’s time to embrace your uniqueness as well as celebrate others’.

BeautyHub.PH is made up of trusted editors and beauty specialists who develop dynamic, practical, and relatable content that is relevant to the everyday lives of Filipinas. Apart from daily features, you can enjoy regular sections, such as Ask the Expert, a breakdown of complex beauty concerns; Getting Unready, an unfiltered look into celebrities embracing their natural beauty; Unhindered Conversations, a spotlight on real Filipinas and their advocacies and anecdotes.

To create a community that thrives on a non-restrictive and progressive idea of beauty, BeautyHub.PH sparks meaningful conversations that are predicated on kindness, acceptance, and positivity. Here, the definition of beauty is kept blank—only to be filled up by you as you discover your beauty journey and become the best possible version of yourself.

At BeautyHub.PH, you’re invited to a more inclusive and diverse world. We go back to an old message: be yourself. Or, more specifically, Be Your Own Beautiful.