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Over 100 years ago, Lifebuoy was first produced to help combat cholera in Victorian England, and ever since Lifebuoy’s mission has stayed true throughout the years: to make cleanliness commonplace and keep everyone protected. Lifebuoy was created to help save lives through the practice of proper hygiene and good cleansing habits.

Today, as our world faces one of our most challenging times in history, we are called to do our part in helping prevent the further spread of infections. The use of Lifebuoy, with Activ Silver+ formula, one of nature's powerful germ-fighting ingredients, can help keep you protected from germs. As advised by the World Health Organization, practicing proper hygiene through FREQUENT HANDWASHING with effective antibacterial soap like Lifebuoy is one of our best defenses against the spread of harmful infections.

Remember to #DoTheLifebuoy and wash hands regularly!

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