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Every so often, a new wonder ingredient pops up in the skincare world. These would conquer your dresser, promising your best physical self until the next holy-grail cosmetic discovery. While trends in beauty come and go, there is one tried and tested component that never fails – and doesn't go out of style either: antioxidants. If you haven't reaped these , you must start now.

What Are Antioxidants?

While antioxidants have been tossed around in the industry for a while, what exactly are they? Antioxidants are substances responsible for neutralizing the harmful effects of oxidation. Free radicals in the body, including the hair, lead to damage and accelerate .

Experts agree that antioxidant benefits run deep into your scalp. Respondents in a 2021 study in the showed after rubbing antioxidants into their heads for 24 weeks.

Some of the most common antioxidants for all hair types include:

  • Vitamin E

is a powerful scalp antioxidant that keeps your hair hydrated. It nourishes your scalp, stimulates hair growth, and keeps your tresses shiny. It is ideal for those with coarse or and flaky scalps.

  • Vitamin C

You already know that is good for your body (and your skin!). But did you know that it can keep your hair healthy? Vitamin C prevents dry hair and split ends. It also promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss thanks to its role in helping build collagen and enhancing iron absorption, which is essential in making hair strong and long.

  • Beta Carotene

Beta carotene, a precursor for , helps in cell regrowth – great news if you observe an increasing number of strands falling out lately. It also helps keep your scalp and hair follicles in tip-top shape. However, check with your doctor about the appropriate amounts.

  • Phytochemicals

Antioxidants keep your head nourished, and phytochemicals alleviate hair thinning. A study from the showed that phytochemicals derived from plants could help relieve hair loss to a certain extent.

Antioxidant Benefits You Need to Know

They can help improve hair growth.

Do you want ? Antioxidants are necessary for healthy that lead to stronger, denser hair. Just like how antioxidants in your diet boost the immune system, applying these substances to your hair can improve your scalp's circulation, reinforcing the follicles and creating a more conducive environment for growth.

Based on the earlier study, antioxidants fostered hair growth and retention. An antioxidant-rich shampoo can keep your hair fresh, cleansed, and full. The Dove Botanical Silicone Free Shampoo for Fresh Hair Clarify contains 100% botanical oil with white tea extract that deep-cleanses to give you healthy tresses.

They protect your hair follicles.

Your body produces free radicals as part of its normal metabolism, but you can also get them from the environment, such as exposure to and pollution. These can damage cellular structures such as DNA, lipids, and proteins, leading to dry and damaged hair.

In the case of hair, antioxidants shield your tresses from the effects of these pesky substances, keeping your hair follicles protected so they can continue to grow and strengthen hair. They also help combat frizz caused by oxidative stress – maintaining your hair's softness and shine.

Keep your hair soft and radiant with a product rich in antioxidants. Sunsilk Naturals Sakura & Raspberry Radiance Shampoo contains and raspberries, antioxidant-rich ingredients that keep your locks silky.

It delays premature gray hair.

Have you been noticing more salt than pepper in your hair lately? Antioxidants prevent the breakdown of melanin in the hair's cortex, helping improve color retention and the strand's integrity. It translates to strong and healthy hair and can help prevent premature graying.

It helps relieve dandruff.

Did you know that acid is also an antioxidant? Antioxidants can help with a variety of conditions, including dandruff. Salicylic acid works to resolve your flaky problem and relieve the scalp. They can also soften dry scalp by locking in moisture, keeping your head soothed and healthy.

Antioxidant benefits are plenty, improving your skin and hair. Keep your tresses in good shape by adding these amazing substances to your grooming routine.