Miley Cyrus in zebra printed dress and gloves with a blonde mullet haircut

Every decade has a poster child for seemingly bad haircuts and styles. The ’90s were all about frosted tips and ramen hair (and whatever the Spice Girls and N’Sync were doing). The Aughts got people hooked on the emo fringe. The late 2010s saw the return of . Meanwhile, polarizing Gen Z favorites, like the and the jellyfish are everywhere, from the red carpet to the streets.

Those who rocked these haircuts will likely look back on their photos with a cringe – until they remember how these styles made them feel their most confident and empowered.

Whether you mean to defy beauty standards or not, sporting a so-called bad haircut can be liberating. It shows bravery, individuality, and a general disregard for what other people think. P! nk’s rockstar break the unwritten rule that pop princesses should have long, . The same goes for Rihanna, who rebels from that innocent little girl persona people expected her to be with daring hairstyles. 

These cuts may be controversial, but they encourage women to discover their authentic style outside the gender roles. Why should we stick to , anyway?

Bad Haircuts: A Way to Reclaim Femininity

It’s always a big deal when women sport “bad haircuts.” Translation: People tend to jump to conclusions, assuming the is a cry for attention or a sign of a life change. Ask Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson. Both know what it’s like to be publicly criticized for merely going from . You’ve probably had the same experience after a major chop.

How many times have you heard a man say they prefer women with long hair? Yes, having a set of turn-ons and turn-offs is entirely normal. But the big gaping hole in this discourse is that no part of your body, including your hair, is meant to please anyone – except yourself.

A survey from InStyle reveals that change their hairstyle to feel confident, so it’s never about getting boys’ attention. In fact, couldn’t care less about what their partners say about their new ’do. This shows that femininity is not black or white. A can be just as attractive as a Take it from Natalie Portman – she rocked both styles effortlessly!

Feeling Stuck in Life? Reinvent Yourself!

Women go through in a lifetime. The number one reason? The desire for change. Your hair is often one of the first things people notice, so it’s inherently part of your identity. Even a simple change, like changing your part , can transform your image and how people perceive you. So imagine the major metamorphosis with, say, Rihanna’s Rude Boy era mohawk.

Rebelling against beauty standards can be a challenge. But sometimes, having fun with “bad haircuts” helps you let go of the past and try new adventures. If you’ve been sporting the same style for years, getting a hair makeover can get you out of the rut. Plus, you can jazz up your Instagram feed with some statement hair.

Embrace Your Expressive Side

Hair holds psychological significance. It is part of your style and represents your likes and dislikes at the moment. What’s more, you can match how you feel inside to what you look like. 

Remember how Harley Quinn impulsively cut her hair after a ? It’s a real phenomenon backed by science. In research published by SAGE Open, 54% of the participants alter their hairstyles after a stressful event to regain control of their lives. It’s the equivalent of saying, “I’m more than fine!”

Cutting your hair into quirky styles also allows you to explore your multifaceted identity. Breaking beauty standards widens your perspective on beauty. You feel motivated to try different hairstyles because it makes you happy, not because of the pressure to fit in. So don’t shy away from different styles, colors, and . Your mane will grow back and give you another shot to enter a new era.

Re-Connect with Your Hair

There seems to be a consensus that long, flowing hair is the paragon of beauty, which research linked to media portrayals of Disney princesses. What if your natural hair can’t abide by the above benchmark? That's not on you – the beauty standard is simply unattainable.

“Bad haircuts” free you, and many women, from the bounds of perfection. They’re low-maintenance and, with modifications, can suit different face shapes. Take the wolf cut, , and the bullet, for example. They look effortlessly cool even without heat styling. You can also adjust the length and layers to your liking, making it your own.

In a way, these hairstyles also give your hair room to breathe and bask in its glory. Like Jada Pinkett Smith, who feels empowered with her closely shaven hair after an alopecia diagnosis. No pressure to put on extensions, dye, straighten, or perm your hair unless that’s what you want!

Welcome the New You with a New ‘Do

There is no right or wrong when it comes to hairstyles. The only rule of thumb is to do whatever makes you psyched. Want to try the skunk highlights or asymmetrical cut? Go for it! ? Give it your all!

Whatever style you experiment with, listen to what your hair needs. Start by caring for your tresses in the shower with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Shampoo, which gives you 10 salon benefits in one wash. Follow it up with Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Repair & Shine Ultra Conditioner to make your strands more manageable in any cut or style.

Tempted to give unconventional “bad haircuts” a shot on your next salon visit? Take the plunge to get the style you’ve secretly wanted. At the end of the day, it’s just hair. And if your beau is vehemently against your hair adventure, maybe it’s time to learn .