Balayage hairstyle back view

Balayage hair color is supposedly one of the most low-maintenance available. It is mainly because balayage highlights mimics how the sun would naturally lighten hair over time.

What Does "Balayage" Mean?

The word balayage means “to sweep.” The balayage hair treatment involves hand-painting color onto the hair instead of wrapping chunks of strands in foil to create a more subtle effect. The color also doesn’t and blends well with the rest of the hair so that growth is hardly noticeable. 

What does balayage do to your hair?

The balayage hair treatment creates natural looking highlights on the hair. It’s an easy way to refresh your and , too. How long does it last? If you take care of your strands, your color will look great until your locks grow out. Here’s what you need to do, post-treatment to make it last. FYI, you’re probably doing most of these already!

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Most sources that recommend not washing hair daily usually don’t consider those living in . It’s hard not to wash your hair every day when it’s over 30 degrees (it’s also ick!), but in this case, a bit of tiis ganda wouldn’t hurt. 

If your hair is heavily pigmented, fading will become more obvious, so try to adjust your washing routine to every other day, or if you can tolerate it, every two days. Like all color treatments, expect it to fade eventually. However, minimizing shampooing will help prolong the

Use Products Colored Hair

Now that you’ve crossed over to colored hair territory, regular shampoo just won’t do. According to Unilever Research and Development, the combination of water and is what causes hair color to fade easily — washing your hair will lead to fading, no matter what. Therefore, it’s essential to use products that create a protective barrier between water and your colored hair.

Try and TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Conditioner. The shampoo helps browns and reds stay vibrant with anti-fade technology that protects the hair cuticles, while the conditioner contains Color Radiance Booster and . Together, they keep your hair color fresh for up to two times longer.

Deep Condition Regularly

All hair types can benefit from regular deep conditioning, but chemically altered hair needs it most. The surface of each hair strand is called the hair cuticle, which, through a microscope, looks like overlapping scales. Hair dyes lift these scales and deposit the pigment between them, as well as on their surfaces. Once the hair cuticle has been opened, it stays open. Then, it becomes because it can no longer hold as much moisture as “virgin” hair. 

Deep conditioning regularly can help replenish your hair of lost moisture and nutrients. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Smoothing Mask has nourishing ingredients that penetrate the hair up to 10 layers deep, allowing it to absorb more moisture. It leaves the hair with 10 salon benefits in one wash, including taming flyaways, smoothness and shine, , and protecting hair from heat damage.

Do Not DIY

Finally, do not try to retouch it yourself. It may look like your stylist is simply brushing colors on your hair, but they make it look easy because they are skilled at it.

Balayage hair color is one of the most bespoke hair-coloring techniques because the placement of each highlight intends to  . If your color is starting to look blah, book an appointment with your stylist. 

Love your balayage hair color? Take good care of your locks and keep the color looking fresh with these tips.