A portrait of woman in white bathrobe holding a bowl of honey and honey dipper

You likely have a jar of honey sitting on your countertop. This sweet, syrupy goodness is the perfect topping for your breakfast yogurt bowl or green juice. But it turns out that the benefits of honey go far beyond cooking. It has long been a main ingredient in hair care products, especially ones made for . Ahead are reasons to use this golden bee nectar on your curls.

It Detoxifies Your Scalp

For those blessed with coily locks, dealing with a dry scalp is pretty much part of the deal. The unique structure of the hair shaft makes it harder for natural oils to travel down, which may cause the skin around the roots to flake off. But at the same time, the oil accumulates and attracts the yeast-like fungus Malassezia to proliferate.

Some of the lesser-known benefits of honey come from its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. When applied, it gently breaks down the buildup of dirt, oils, and dead skin cells that clog hair follicles and . Moreover, the reveals that honey regulates skin pH levels and helps treat scabs from skin conditions like .

It Strengthens Your Strands

can happen to everyone, whether you have . Those frayed tips not only detract from your luscious hair but also leave it more vulnerable to damage. Fortunately, honey can address this common problem.

Honey is packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, all of which play a crucial role in revitalizing weak and . In fact, multiple studies have also found that it can improve and preserve its natural pattern. Who knew a drizzle of honey could give you big, bouncy curls for days?

It Strengthens Hair

Consuming too much sugar can contribute to , but adding sweet honey to your haircare regimen does the opposite. This liquid gold is an antioxidant powerhouse, which neutralizes free radicals that can otherwise wreak havoc on your hair follicles.

If you’re experiencing hair thinning, you can do a DIY honey-infused hair wash. A clinical study reports that a weekly using can help alleviate hair loss.

It Softens and Detangles Curls

Remember Cardi B’s viral DIY mask? The recipe features a host of natural ingredients like an avocado, an egg, olive oil, and, of course, a dollop of honey. The star ingredient draws and locks in moisture, ensuring that your curls remain hydrated. But that’s not all. Honey also serves as , which means it does a great job of making your tresses feel silky smooth. P.S. Don’t put too much honey on your hair as it can leave a tacky residue.

Before showering, apply the DIY honey mask all over your hair and use a wide-toothed comb to detangle any knots. Leave it for five minutes maximum and rinse thoroughly to get rid of any stickiness. You’ll have soft and frizz-free ringlets, just like that.

It Boosts Shine

Also on the list of benefits of honey: it can make your curls glisten and gleam like never before. Honey’s natural humectant properties add serious moisture to dull strands, giving you that coveted that’s trending on social media. Another plus is it aids in restoring damaged hair cuticles, thanks to its small amount of .

How to Use Honey for Hair Health

The easiest way to reap the benefits of honey is by opting for haircare products that already incorporate it in their formulations. However, if you want to explore the DIY route, the gloopy substance works better when you use it with other ingredients, like or .

For instance, treat your hair with Vitakeratin Treatment Deep Repair. This daily deep conditioning treatment is infused with , , and that can revive damaged hair after coloring, , , or frequent styling. You can also add a few drops of honey to it!

When styling, try applying TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum on damp hair to further enhance the benefits of honey for your curls. It combines the power of keratin and marula oil, offering you five smoothing effects: fights frizz, smooths out matted hair, tames flyaways, softens, and adds glossiness.

The benefits of honey are not limited to health and wellness. This delicious treat can transform your curls from frazzled to fabulous.