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Managing gray hair can be tricky. The American Academy of Dermatology says hair can grow up to half an inch each month, which means you may see some growth a week after dyeing your hair. Because you can’t always go to the salon to get a retouch, finding the best way to cover the gray on dark hair without having to book a date with your stylist can be a lifesaver.

Why Does Hair Go Gray?

Melanin determines your hair color. If you have a lot the melanin eumelanin, you have black or brown hair. On the other hand, an abundance of pheomelanin will give you red hair. The melanin cells in your hair follicles start to die as you age. Because you have fewer melanin cells, new hairs grow in lighter shades such as silver or gray. Eventually, will stop producing them so that only white hair grows out.

While stress plays a role, genetics determines premature graying. If your parents started going gray in their 40s, you’re likely to experience the same thing. According to a Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology study, Asians typically start going gray in their late 30s. For women, it begins in the frontal area. The same study notes that smoking and can accelerate hair graying. 

What Is the Best Way to Cover the Gray Dark Hair Quickly?

It’s not usually difficult to book a hair color appointment at a salon, but these are special circumstances. If your gray regrowth is bothering you (and that’s okay!) and you don’t want to go down the box dye route either, try a hair color spray. 

Try TRESemmé Root Touch Up Spray, which delivers instant gray or root coverage in one spray. This smudge-free formula conceals gray roots with temporary, professional-quality hair color between salon sessions. It comes in three variants: black, dark brown, and light brown, making it easy to match your current shade. Safe to use, it’s free of ammonia, peroxide, and synthetic dyes that might cause irritation.

How to Use It

It may sound intimidating, but TRESemmé Root Touch Up Spray is easy to use. Start with clean, dry hair. Since the product is temporary, it could wash out with shampoo. Protect your shirt with a salon cape or wear an old T-shirt that you don’t mind staining. Hold the can six to eight inches from your hair. Then, start spraying in short bursts in the root areas. Do not spray too close to your scalp.

For a more natural effect, hold the can above your head, spraying down so the excess dye will just blend with the bottom half of your strands. You can protect your scalp and forehead with tissue. If you get dye on your skin, wipe it off immediately. If you have grays on your hairline, try spraying the dye onto a paper towel first. Dab the towel on your hairline instead of applying it directly to your hair. 

Leave the color alone and don't touch it. Once it dries completely, use a fine-tooth comb to blend the color through your strands.

A root touch-up spray might just be the best way to cover the gray on dark hair without going to a salon. It’s handy, easy to use, and doesn’t entail a major commitment — save those for your stylist. The best part is, it’s buildable coverage that you can control. If you want more color, just spray more. If you’re not satisfied, shampoo it off and try again. Who knew covering gray hairs could be so easy?