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The popularity of almond oil as a beauty ingredient dates to ancient Egyptian times. According to legend, Cleopatra used it to soften her skin and hair because of its hydrating effects. The oil was also present in ancient Chinese medicine and ayurvedic treatments because of its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting abilities, according to a published by the US National Library of Medicine.

What’s in Almond Oil?

Almond oil is the byproduct of sweet almonds, which are also safe to eat. Whereas bitter almonds have cyanide precursors and are poisonous, the sweet variety produces an essential oil that’s chockfull of nutrients. It has vitamin D in the form of tocopherol, vitamin A, , omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and other hydrating minerals. Found in countries from the Mediterranean region, almond oil is extracted by pressing the sweet almond nuts, yielding an oil that is mild and hypoallergenic. It’s safe for topical use unless, of course, you have a nut allergy.

Can I Use Almond Oil for My Hair?

Almond oil’s nutrient contents are common in skincare products – but can you also use it to soften the hair? Most definitely! Even before hair oils were trending on TikTok, the benefits of almond oil were already being harnessed by haircare products, like Dove Nourishing Oil Care Keratin Tri-Silk Serum Shampoo. The shampoo has a blend of Nutri-oils that protect the hair from premature aging while restoring smoothness and shine.

Because it is rich in nutrients, almond oil is the perfect moisturizing ingredient for dry, damaged hair and a flaky scalp. Bonus: it’s lightweight even with its rich nature, so trust that it won’t make your hair feel greasy. If you’re still not convinced, below are a few more benefits of adding almond oil to your haircare staples:

Strengthens hair strands.

The vitamins and nutrients in the almond oil help seal moisture in your hair, protecting it from damage from too much heat styling, coloring, and brushing. When hair is strong and moisturized, it becomes less prone to . When applied to your hair, the oil can help keep your strands from becoming brittle and dry. Apply a small amount to the ends before drying to moisturize and smooth frizz.

Promotes healthy scalp and prevents dandruff.

Since almond oil has antibacterial properties, it is also good for treating a . Use it one to two times a week to soothe your dry scalp and watch your dandruff go away.

Softens and hydrates your hair.

Just as it keeps your skin smooth, almond oil moisturizes hair strands. It can bring dull, dry hair back to life with fatty acids, which play a crucial role in your hair’s manageability, look, and feel. Use Cream Silk Organic Powerfusion Rich Lustre Ultra Conditioner daily to see your locks go from lackluster to shiny and smooth. You can also try Dove Nourishing Oil Care 1 Minute Serum Conditioner, which restores rough and frizzy hair with , , sunflower seed, and almond oils.

Promotes healthy hair as it grows longer.

While there are no clinical trials proving the effectiveness of almond oil in promoting hair growth, people who suffer from hair fall can still benefit from its nutrients. The B vitamins in the oil can help thicken and strengthen hair strands while keeping the scalp and follicles healthy through growth cycles.

Sweet almond oil is an effective moisturizer for skin and hair because of its high nutrient content and rich emollient properties. Keep your locks strong, smooth, and shiny by using products that feature this ingredient.