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More and more people are washing their hair with sparkling water to remove frizz from hair and make it stronger. The bubbles in carbonated water supposedly break down the high mineral content, also known as “hard water” build up in your hair strands. The trend claims to give the hair more body and movement from the first wash. But it fails to address one important thing: What causes frizz?

Why Your Hair Gets Frizzy

Did you know that, up close, our hair cuticles appear like fish scales? When they are healthy, they lay flat and smooth. When the hair shaft is dry, the cuticles open, letting the moisture that keeps it smooth and shiny escape. In the process, water from the air enters the hair shaft, causing it to swell and get frizzy.

Your natural hair could also simply be prone to frizz. , thanks to the shape of the shaft, doesn’t hold on to moisture from the scalp. But everyone’s hair can get frizzy, even if you have straight hair.

Extreme heat and high humidity – whether from your environment, the temperature of your shower water, or – open the cuticles, too.

High mineral content from hard water can also penetrate the hair strand, crystallizing as the hair dries. By preventing moisture to get in or out of the hair, hair becomes frizzy, brittle, and more prone to tangles. They can also build up over time and lead to other problems like a .

Trying out different hair trends without sealing back the hair shaft can also be the culprit. Processes like and texture-changing treatments like perms and hair straightening all use chemicals that strip the hair of its moisture.

It can also be something that you use every day. Your shampoo or hair products might have alcohol. While it means the product penetrates instantly, it can also lead to hair dryness, making it puff up in high humidity.

Be Free From Frizz

Washing your hair with sparkling water is not harmful. However, it doesn’t do anything beneficial, either. Using a brand loaded with flavors and sugars will only leave you sticky, requiring a proper cleanse.

While it’s true that the first step to getting easy-to-manage hair happens in the shower, it doesn’t involve pouring carbonated water down the drain.

Add a filter to your shower to turn high mineral content water into soft water. If hard water is your problem at home, this simple change can improve your frizzy hair and even skin condition.

Your shampoo should be able to cleanse your hair and scalp of any buildup without stripping its natural moisture. Sunsilk Naturals Coconut Hydration Shampoo is infused with coconut water, vitamins, and minerals so that it hydrates and adds hair nourishment while cleaning your hair gently. You’ll know it works because it leaves hair hydrated and shiny even after the first wash.

Prevent frizz by making it a habit to condition daily. Go for a formula that’s free of unnecessary additives. Dove Botanical Selection Hair Conditioner for Fresh Hair Clarify has 100% botanical oils and white tea blossom extract. It’s also free of colorants and parabens. The product acts by balancing the hair moisture in your strands while giving your scalp a deep clean. It hydrates and nourishes the scalp to leave hair irresistibly soft and lightweight.

Save your sparkling water for staying hydrated, and instead, treat your hair and scalp to premium shower products that do more than cleanse. Following hair trends can be fun, but if it’s results that you want, investing in something that you use regularly is your best bet.