Asian woman applying hair treatment

A protein called accounts for 91 percent of our hair’s composition. Do you know what else has protein? Eggs! While the yolk generally contains fat, egg whites carry a lot of protein. Consuming a healthy amount of protein is essential to keeping the tissues in our body healthy, including the hair. In fact, the National Institutes of Health says you can experience and brittle strands if you don’t get enough protein from your diet. But what about applying protein to your hair? Do egg whites for hair work?

Using Egg Whites for Hair

People use egg whites as a hair mask because it supposedly cleanses the scalp of excess oils, strengthens hair, promotes growth, and . It also gives hair shine and volume. Often, people use it as a remedy for hair fall. Some suggest combining it with coconut oil, , yogurt, and lemon juice to coat damp hair. 

There is currently no scientific evidence of the benefits of using egg whites directly on hair. However, if it works for you, then it works for you. Just make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients you’re applying to your hair and scalp to avoid further damage. Before resorting to at-home remedies, consult your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment of your hair concern.

Try a Keratin Treatment Instead

If the idea of applying egg whites to your hair doesn’t appeal to you, try using a instead. Specifically designed to address hair concerns such as dryness and damage, these products do exactly what you need them to sans the mess and side effects that you might get from DIY treatments. 

Keratin treatments smooth the hair cuticle to diminish frizz and make the hair more manageable. Moreover, it strengthens and fortifies hair while protecting it from damage, so it doesn’t easily break off. To get all the benefits of keratin, try TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Smoothing Mask. It has KERA10 Complex that penetrates hair up to 10 layers deep, nourishing it from within. It delivers salon-quality benefits in one wash.

For dry, chemically treated hair, use VitaKeratin Deep Repair Hair Mask. It combines keratin, , and to restore colored, rebonded, straightened, or frequently styled hair. You can use it as a daily one-minute treatment after shampoo.

Before using egg whites for hair or any home remedies, consult your doctor first to make sure that it won’t irritate your scalp or worsen your hair’s condition. There are readily available, easy-to-use products that are proven safe and effective, anyway! However, if you love massaging egg whites on your scalp, go ahead. You can do whatever works for you — just rinse thoroughly, please!