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You are probably familiar with the many : stress, genes, and hormones. Perhaps you're scrolling through your phone, checking out the possible causes for your thinning mane. Unfortunately, what you're doing may be the surprise culprit. Research has linked screen time to numerous health concerns, including .

It can be crazy to think that the most mundane activities can affect your hair. The correlation isn't as direct as you watching YouTube videos today and your hair falling out the next. There are other factors to consider, too.

So Does Too Much Screen Time Cause Hair Loss?

Not much research is available on the link between excessive screen time (such as on smartphones) and hair loss. However, one published in the Journal of Cosmetology and Trichology discovered a relationship between hair loss and long mobile calls, particularly when the phone was held against the ear.

And before you think it's because your hair gets caught in your phone, it's not. According to the study, exposure to cellphone radiation can "lead to hair loss by single strand DNA breakage, genotoxic effect generation of ROS [reactive oxygen species], and altered hormonal regulation."

Cellphone radiation can affect the hair, causing it to fall over time. However, you would need to be glued completely to your phone for any significant effect to be noticeable. The average mobile device user won't have to worry about hair loss in this sense.

So How Can Screen Time Make Your Hair Fall?

The problem with screen time is that it can be addictive. How often have you started a series only to realize that the sun is up? Or what about taking a break to scroll through Instagram only to get off the feed three hours later? Some consequences of screen time are poor sleep, depression, and bouts of stress – all of which wreak havoc on your hair.

The blue light from the screens makes it harder to sleep since it inhibits melatonin, your natural sleep hormone. So you may want to rethink those late-night Netflix binges.

Melatonin helps regulate your body clock. Your body needs to repair and recharge for the next day, which helps keep you on track with your health. When your is poor, your body produces less melatonin – which can create a cycle of tossing and turning each night because your body doesn’t have enough natural melatonin to put itself to sleep. Not getting enough sleep at night can lead to other health problems, like weight gain and stress.

Stress and Screen Time: The Hair Fall Connection

Screen time-derived stress is the most significant contributor to hair loss. No matter how used to scrolling through your phone you are, all that time spent on the screen won't help you keep stress levels at bay. A found a correlation between increased screen time and a decline in physical and psychological health.

When you’re stressed, your body increases its cortisol production. have linked higher levels of this stress hormone with hair loss. A cortisol spike prevents your from growing hair. When this happens, it's called telogen effluvium or the resting phase. If you don't in time, your hair may fall out.

So just how do you combat hair loss? While screen time may or may not directly contribute to hair loss, it does lead to the factors that cause it. Hence, one sure way to address this (and reduce stress levels) is to minimize screen time. Be aware of your exposure to blue light before going to bed – as much as possible, stay away from devices 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime.

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The effects of excessive screen time can be detrimental to your hair. Have stronger locks with these tips.