Asian woman with morena skin and long hair

Finding the best shampoo for your hair is tricky. You have to consider your hair type and needs as well as your lifestyle and sensibilities. With hair products usually addressing a singular goal, you often have to make compromises in your quest to get beautifully healthy hair.

We’re letting you in on a secret: the new Dove Botanical Selection, which was once only available in other Southeast Asian countries, is launching in the Philippines. It presents a solution to your hair woes. Its range of shampoos and conditioners is not only deeply nourishing, they’re also free from silicone and parabens and use 100% botanical oil. The shampoo also features whimsical floating petals made from aquatic plants that dissolve in your hand and transform dull hair into petal-soft silkiness. It’s pretty magical, so spread the word!

BeautyHub.PH is giving you a first look at how you can get the healthy hair you deserve with Dove Botanical Selection.

Strengthen Weak Hair

Your hair takes a beating every day. Apart from styling (yes, even your practical ponytail can be damaging), it gets exposed to dirt and humidity. This constant battering makes it crucial to keep up your hair’s strength.

Dove Botanical Silicone Free Shampoo for Damaged Hair Restore hydrates and reinforces parched locks, giving you bouncy, healthy hair. It features pink Moroccan rose extract that deeply moisturizes without weighing your hair down with extra grease. By the way, roses aren’t just good for . It has a subtle astringent quality that can reduce oil and buildup in your hair and scalp.

Give it extra strength and nourishment by following it up with Dove Botanical Hair Conditioner for Damaged Hair Restore.

Treat Your Scalp

Coming for your scalp concerns is Dove Botanical Silicone Free Shampoo for Fresh Hair Clarify. Like the rest of Dove Botanical Selection, it contains 100% botanical oil. However, it also includes white tea blossom extract that deep-cleanses and purifies oily hair.

Here’s a fun fact: white tea has an antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate. According to the paper “Applications of Tea (Camellia sinensis) and Its Active Constituents in Cosmetics,” EGCG can help remedy scalp diseases caused by bacteria. Based on other studies published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology and Phytomedicine, it can also stimulate and strengthen the , supporting hair growth.

White tea can also boost shine and protect your hair against sun damage. You can also use Dove Botanical Selection Hair Conditioner for Fresh Hair Clarify to balance the moisture in your hair and scalp.

Fight Against Hair Fall

Another sign of healthy hair? Strength. You can bid brittle hair goodbye with Dove Botanical Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Silicone Free Primrose. It’s suitable for everyday use, nourishing frail tresses back and making them smooth and sturdy again. A 2010 study in Tropical Life Sciences Research states that primrose has high content, which helps reduce oxidative stress in the scalp that can cause .

Moreover, according to a 2016 article in the Annals of Dermatology, primrose has been shown to prompt hair growth and help strengthen weak strands, . It also has gamma linoleic acid, which can reduce scalp inflammation and hair follicle damage.

Of course, you can pair this shampoo with Dove Botanical Selection Anti Hair Fall Hair Conditioner Primrose. Just apply it through rinsed hair, from midway to the ends, and enjoy stronger, longer – and more hair!

Get ready for healthy hair with these fun, lightweight shampoos and conditioners. Not only do they take care of your hair needs, but they also feature natural ingredients and are color-safe. They’re definitely a win-win.