Woman with natural curly hair texture smiling at the camera.

Much has been said about learning to accept and feeling confident in our skin, but few have advocated for wearing our hair in all its gravity-defying glory. Movie makeover montages have conditioned us to believe that we must work against our natural hair texture to become the better version of ourselves. Women with would straighten their hair to look more "put together." Meanwhile, those with straight hair would use hot wands to create bouncy curls.

The grass may look greener on the other side, but the truth is, every hair type has its own vices. Embracing your locks is a conscious decision you must make daily. While loving your natural hair texture may not come instantly, it does help you take care of your locks better over time.

“Good” vs. “Bad” Hair

Hair is a defining feature of your identity, reflecting your cultural heritage, personal style, and . Yet, for far too long, society has perpetuated harmful ideas that categorize hair as either "good" or "bad." These standards, rooted in a Eurocentric perspective, favor as the epitome of beauty while stigmatizing textured hair as unruly or unkempt.

If you watch a little (or a lot) of TV series, you might notice that almost every female character has the same hair texture and style: straight at the top, loose waves at the bottom. Why is this their go-to hairstyle? Because it has the practicality of straight hair with the volume and movement of . It’s visually appealing without requiring too much maintenance – but in reality, nobody wakes up with hair this good.

This type of “good” hair captures the best of both worlds and is entirely artificial. No human is born with the curls that have cascading S-waves. Whether you have 1A or 3C hair, you will need to achieve this look. There's nothing wrong with styling your hair however you like, but do you do it out of love or pressure?

Self-Love Starts with Hair-Love

Wearing your hair naturally is deciding to value your happiness and comfort, unfretted by conformity. These are the bases of . You're redefining your worth and your definition of beauty. You might face some setbacks, but that's okay because your progress doesn't have to be linear. As you learn to love your locks despite their quirks, you'll feel more confident in your choices.

Embracing your natural hair texture is also an avenue for . Yes, it feels great to be validated, liked, and praised by others, especially those closest to you. However, nothing beats the joy of accepting yourself wholeheartedly. It gives you the freedom to express the true you because you know nobody can take away from who you are. Plus, it encourages you to give your hair what it needs instead of trying to turn it into something it’s not. Finally, it can grow to its full potential.

The Journey to Embracing Your Hair Texture

Going natural can feel a lot like with the old you. It takes patience and willpower to move on from what you’re used to. Not to mention it can be jarring to redo your whole haircare routine. However, with practice, you can develop a healthier relationship with your locks. Here’s how.

1. Shift your perspective.

Unlearn the negative self-talk you used to associate with your hair. What you consider a might be a sign your strands need some extra love. Avoid phrases like “my curls are too big” or “my hair is so boring and flat” in conversations with friends or yourself. Although innocent, these remarks chip away at your confidence and affect how you see your hair.

Understand that there's nothing bad about your hair’s characteristics. Acknowledge your thoughts with empathy rather than channeling them into self-criticism. If you're not feeling your hair, ask yourself, “Why do I think my hair is not looking its best? What do I like about it now? What can I do to make it more ‘me’?”

2. Study what your hair needs.

Every type of hair texture requires a specific mix of products. Take this process of trial and error as an opportunity to understand how your hair wants to be loved. First things first, find out what your is. You can also take the quiz to get an AI-generated hair analysis with .

Once you get up close and personal with your mane, curate your haircare products accordingly. For women with waves or coils, try Dove Botanical Silicone Free Shampoo for Fresh Hair Clarify to cleanse the scalp while adding softness and bounce to your curls. You can also use Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo with flower essences to make it five times smoother.

Meanwhile, if your hair has been chemically- or color-treated many times, use Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Repair & Shine Ultra Conditioner to repair damaged cuticles and revive your dull tresses.

3. Don’t chase perfection.

There will be days when your hair is everything you've ever wished for. But on off days, feeling indifferent to your hair is totally acceptable. Let go of unrealistic expectations like how frizz is bad or how cowlicks need to go. Only then can you truly embrace your natural hair texture, so-called imperfections and all.

Meanwhile, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you want to wear a wig or get a blowout, it doesn’t mean you love your God-given hair texture less. After all, the beauty of self-love is using your power to choose what’s best for you.