young woman applying oil onto hair.

Whether online or in a physical store, the number of hair products available can be overwhelming. With so much to consider – , hair concerns, formula, fragrance, and price – what’s a girl to do? Here are seven essential products that will elevate your mane game and make your hair long and healthy.

1. Shampoo and Conditioner

Using a good shampoo and is the foundation of healthy hair, and when choosing these essential products, it's best to know your hair type. One way to determine what you need is by looking at your scalp. Avoid heavy shampoos if your to avoid unnecessary buildup. Meanwhile, if it tends to be dry and itchy, your hair will benefit from a nourishing formula to prevent inflammation.

Additionally, pay attention to the texture of your hair. Use a volumizing shampoo for fine hair that tends to fall flat and limp. On the other hand, if your hair is full and thick, a smoothening shampoo and conditioner will work better for you.

Some people avoid washing their hair every day to help keep it moisturized. But if you must shampoo daily, avoid clarifying products that can dry out your locks. You can also skip the shampoo every other day and use conditioner, so you get that clean feeling without stripping your locks of oils.

Try shampoo that’s suitable for all hair types, such as Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo, which has biotin and healing to nourish and moisturize your hair as it grows.

2. Scalp Treatment

Healthy hair starts at the scalp, which can be affected by several factors. For example, frequent blow drying and product buildup may cause irritation. If your scalp starts to feel oily, itchy, and weighed down, cleanse it thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo. You can also for a soothing scalp treatment.

A weak scalp surface can also lead to hair loss and breakage, so use products that strengthen both. Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Hair Fall Defiance Ultra Conditioner delivers the benefits of three keratin products in one solution. It and strengthens weakened strands from the inside out, resulting in stronger hair that’s ultimately break-resistant.

3. Deep-Conditioning Mask

Show your locks a little love by using a deep-conditioning once a week. It can help remove frizz, moisturize your strands, and prevent damage and split ends. Start at the ends of the hair and work your way to the roots. Avoid getting it on your scalp, especially if you have fine hair. If you have thick hair, section your hair to cover all your bases.

Try VitaKeratin Deep Repair Hair Mask, which restores and repairs damaged hair with vitamin E and salon-quality keratin. For a DIY mask, try massaging all over your hair 20 minutes before showering. The benefits of coconut oil are endless, from stimulating hair growth to preventing split ends and strengthening hair. They don’t call it a miracle fruit for nothing.

4. Leave-in Treatment or Hair Oil

Like hair masks, a leave-in treatment will provide your hair with the extra moisture it needs. Your hair is weakest when wet, so after towel drying it, use a leave-in moisturizer before combing it out. It will help detangle your hair, protect it from heat, add shine, and prevent split ends.

Using hair oil when your hair is still damp will seal in moisture and provide a layer of protection before styling. Where you put the oil is crucial, too. Hairstylists recommend applying an adequate amount to the bottom 3/4 of your damp hair. You don't need a lot – one pump does the job.

5. Heat Protectant Spray

Heat protectants are essential products for growing healthy hair. Spritz it on before using a straightening or , hair dryer, or any tool that emits heat. Look for one that adds shine and controls frizz to cut your styling time in half. As the old saying goes, play with fire, and you'll get burned. If you don’t spray on that heat protectant, your hair will too.

6. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is one of the ultimate essential products for the girl on the go. Gym-goers, party hoppers, and late risers all know about this quick hair fix. Keep a bottle of dry shampoo with you when you’re out to keep your hair fresh and (relatively) clean throughout the day. Use it sparingly to prevent buildup and irritation. It isn’t meant to replace cleansing, especially after sweating.

7. Hair Tools

In addition to choosing essential products that suit you, you must have the right hair tools and accessories. If your go-to look is a ponytail or , you’ll want to invest in hair ties that do minimal damage. A coiled hair tie will grip your hair without leaving creases or pulling at the roots.

Silk scrunchies are also a great option since the fabric’s natural properties help reduce friction and prevent moisture loss. While you're at it, switch to a to further protect your hair while you sleep.

For everyday tools, use brushes with soft bristles to safely detangle, control frizz, and boost shine. If your hair is , you’ll want to get a wide-tooth comb, which won’t fray, snag or tear your hair so it can grow healthy with fewer split ends.

Much of growing your hair is about choosing essential products to keep it strong and damage-free. It might take some trial and error, but with the help of this list, growing your hair can be a little easier this time around.