Asian flight attendant inside a plane

Traveling may be good for the soul but getting to your destination can be challenging for your hair and skin. Flying is especially tricky. Imagine getting from point A to B in a pressurized “airbus” wherein 50% of air recirculates and the rest is pulled from outside. It creates a low-humidity environment that can cause all sorts of beauty problems. However, this issue doesn't stop flight attendants from looking their best.

We rounded up some beautifully posed flight attendants and asked them how they manage to look their best at 38,000 feet.

Hydrate and Avoid Caffeine

Staying hydrated while traveling will help keep you from feeling sluggish, encourage good digestion, and prevent that haggard look. A 2020 study published in Nutrients states that long-haul flights can promote fluid shifts in the body and accelerate dehydration. You must start your flight as hydrated as possible. Fluid intake from water and food should be 100 mL/hour to avoid dehydration.

Mikah Nepomuceno, a Filipino flight attendant who flies from Dubai to 161 destinations, makes all forms of a hydration priority. “Our hair and skin react to the recycled air and lack of humidity inside the plane. So, drinking plenty of water on board is the main hack. I also avoid caffeine!” Mika says. Upon landing, the first thing she does is take off all her makeup so she can rehydrate her skin with moisturizer and .

Henriette Gingoyon, a flight attendant and cabin crew image and grooming instructor, adds, “Cabin air is extremely dry, and this takes a toll on your skin and hair texture. Always keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water and moisturize your hands with lotion now and then.”

Bring Your Own Products

As someone who frequently stays in hotels, Mikah also takes biotin to strengthen her hair and nails. “We are required to have our nails manicured all the time. Plus, biotin also supports hair growth.” She adds, “When you travel everywhere, the hair is subject to varying sodium levels from tap water. It affects my hair growth. I have seen massive amounts of through the years, so I make sure I use my shampoo and conditioner and avoid the hotel ones.”

Hazel German-Mendoza, who is often on international flights, experiences a different hair issue. “Since I need to use hairspray or gel to get that sleek look, I often get dandruff or my hair gets dry,” she shares. Shampoos and conditioners formulated for your hair type and needs won’t always be available. Bring a personal beauty stash if you want to keep treating your hair issues while traveling.

Ascertain that your hairstyle is on-point by keeping your roots in check. If you notice any grays peeking out, spray on TRESemmé Root Touch-up Spray for Light Brown Hair to quickly mask them. This temporary hair color conceals gray roots in seconds and makes it look refreshed.

Oils Are Your Friends

In such a dry environment, you need a moisturizer that also traps water. Airi Asada and Pamela Iledan like using oils and oil-based products to hydrate and cleanse. “I have lip oil and I use hand creams all the time on the plane. I if I want to remove my makeup! I use an oil cleanser to melt all the product,” Airi shares. “I like using a cleansing balm, then proceed with facial wash,” Pamela adds.

and serums are also excellent at keeping your hair healthy and looking its best. Add TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum to your in-flight arsenal so you can easily tame frizz and boost shine before landing.

Refresh Your Hairstyle

Hair products like waxes and gels can melt and slide off your hair. Hairsprays can start to flake and look untidy. Touching up your hairstyle mid-flight may be necessary if, like a flight attendant, your appearance must be always impeccable.

Danna Bernardino shares, “We always have to look our best, so is a must. When I had long hair, I used wax or hairspray to keep my hair looking its best while on duty.” After cutting her hair short, Danna keeps her hair iron handy to keep it looking neat.

To keep your hair looking fresh, add more product to your strands using a spoolie brush for waxes and gels. with hairspray by concentrating on the roots, ideally on the opposite side of your natural hair part. It will give your hair more volume when you flip it back.

Because all this styling is drying and damaging to the hair, using a shampoo that removes product buildup and hydrates can be a game-changer. Try Sunsilk Naturals Coconut Hydration Shampoo, which boosts moisture with vitamins A, C, and E while leaving the hair bouncy and fragrant.

Flight attendants may have a unique lifestyle, but their beauty hacks are still useful for anyone who intends to travel. Don’t forget to and skin on your way to your next escape.