Filipino woman at the beach

She’s got the face, the body, the hair. Beatrice Luigi Gomez has a lot going for her, and still, she continues to strive for more. As the first openly bisexual Miss Universe Philippines, Beatrice Luigi Gomez has broken “pageant-girl” stereotypes. As a navy marines reservist and community volunteer, she proves that strength and compassion can thrive in coexistence. As a marathon runner and sports enthusiast, she challenges perceived gender norms.

We’ve seen Beatrice Luigi Gomez all glammed up on the pageant stage. Now, this is how she gets unready.

Self-Care and Beauty

Cebuana Beatrice Luigi Gomez knows a thing or two about beauty. She was no stranger to the pageant scene when she joined Miss Universe 2021, having won Binibining Cebu in 2020, and placing second runner-up in the Miss Mandaue pageant in 2015. Here, she shares the , hair and skin routines, beauty influences, and beauty adventures.

Can you describe your self-care routine?

I start my self-care routine by listening to podcasts. Then I would sip a cup of coffee to feel more awake before I run outdoors. I would finish my running or workout with a yoga flow exercise and shower to start my day’s tasks.

Do you remember the first time you experimented with beauty, whether it’s makeup or hairstyles?

I remembered the first time I became interested in make-up, I watched YouTube videos and bought drugstore makeup to practice with. I was so proud back then when I applied makeup for the first time by myself with the help of online videos.

How do you feel after undoing your hair at the end of the day?

Wearing hair products and is challenging. After an entire day’s work, being able to undo my hair at the end of the day is relaxing. Taking that weight and tension off my neck and somehow relieves the exhaustion.

How do you feel about sharing a photo of your hair in its natural state?

I am proud to share and show the natural state of my hair. I am grateful to have been blessed with healthy hair despite all the styling that it goes through daily.

Bea takes care of her long, silky hair with Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Standout Straight Conditioner. Specially formulated to smoothen tresses, it like a hot oil treatment, repairs damage like a hair spa, and uses keratin to give your hair smoothness and shine. The formula contains 40% more nourishing ingredients for soft, manageable hair.

Beauty, Inside and Out

Even beauty queens experience self-doubt. As confident and well-spoken as she is, Bea has wrestled with insecurities just like everyone else. Once a teenage girl with , she started joining pageants to face her fears and overcome them.

Growing up, did you ever have insecurities about yourself?

I grew up with really thick eyebrows that I got from my dad. Back then, in the early 2000s, the trend was really thin eyebrows and I got bullied a lot for my thick set of eyebrows. That was insecurity that now I see as one of my aesthetic assets.

What advice would you give your old self?

I would tell my old self that beauty is not defined by physical aspects alone. Beauty is when you have a sound mind and heart, and you have a positive outlook regardless of all the unpleasant circumstances you may encounter in life.

How do you see yourself evolving as a person, and what else do you want to achieve in your industry?

When I was younger, I used to have really low self-esteem and I was socially awkward. I was able to overcome those weaknesses by pushing myself way past my limits and joining pageants as a way to get out of my comfort zone. Having been able to get this far, and now that I got more support than I used to have, the only goal is to win the 5th Miss Universe crown for the Philippines.

If you could have any superpower to help boost confidence, what would it be and why?

Reading minds is the superpower that I would like to possess to be more confident. I would be way ahead of everyone around me and deliver to them, for example, the performance that they would like to see even before they even ask for it.

Being the Change

Bea is all about challenging stereotypes and norms. Her Miss Universe Philippines victory was also a win for the LGBTQ++ community. But her influence started way before her beauty queen reign, with her social work and personal advocacies. 

What is a beauty stereotype or standard in our society that you think should be redefined?

In the Philippines, the that I would really like to redefine is our standard of what is beautiful when it comes to skin color. We have this idea that fair skin is more pleasant than our own Filipino, naturally , which is what I’m proud to have.

Different gender identities are becoming more visible when it comes to beauty. Given this, what do you think is the future of the beauty industry? 

With the inclusivity and of the beauty industry, its future will be more versatile and more available to all demographics and sexes.

What does your Miss Universe Philippines win mean for the beauty pageant industry and the LGBTQIA++ community?

It means that beauty pageants are elevating their standards. To accept everyone from all walks of life means that there is hope in resolving other social issues.

What are advocacies you'd like to continue fighting for to help empower more people?

I am passionate about the youth’s welfare especially Children in Conflict with the Law who I’ve been helping for quite a while now. These children like everyone else deserve a future where they can stand up for themselves and achieve their dreams and one day pay forward the kindness that was shown to them.

Busy days await Beatrice Luigi Gomez, who is representing the country at the Miss Universe 2021 pageant to be held this December in Eilat, Israel. Her reign may have just begun, but she’s already paved the way for others to create their own change. In between, she likes to let her hair down, so to speak, and live freely, unapologetically, and happily.