Asian woman with gray colored hair

Gray hair isn’t the easiest shade to pull off. If you have lighter skin and you go too pale, you’ll look like an apparition. If you have a warm skin tone, a cool gray can make you look washed-out or, worse, highlight the redness in your skin. So many shades, undertones, and combinations are available. But when you're in doubt, go for highlights!

What Are Gray Hair Highlights?

Gray hair highlights or “gray blending” is a technique typically used to transition graying hair. Women who already have a few gray strands can opt for this happy medium, which plays up grays instead of concealing them with darker shades. This trend blew up during the pandemic, with women looking for low-maintenance styles for gray hair. It involves mixing a few highlights and balayage instead of block coverage, which doesn’t always go on evenly anyway.

The technique creates depth throughout your hair with highlights and lowlights, much like . In this case, however, you choose tones that specifically accentuate or offset gray hairs. Silver highlights and can make grays pop and steal the show. On the other hand, ashy tones can camouflage gray hairs without completely hiding them away. 

Gray Hair Highlights for Gray Hairstyles

Pinterest Trends has seen an 879% increase in searches for “going gray” since 2018. There is even an Instagram account called Grombre dedicated to the “natural phenomenon of going gray.” Gray blending comes at a time when women are starting to embrace the idea of going gray — as well as .

Can you use the gray blending technique if you just want gray hair? Most definitely. You don’t need pre-existing grays to enjoy gray hair highlights, which is a much softer and multidimensional approach to gray hair color. If you have tanned skin, choose a soft, ash gray that won’t clash with your skin tone. If you have , choose a medium gray base and add deeper grays for depth. Work with your stylist to determine the best combination of grays for you. 

How to Take Care of Gray Blended Hair

Since this technique itself is a low-maintenance solution, it doesn’t require a lot of color upkeep. The highlights are strategically placed just below the roots, so they remain natural-looking even with visible hair growth. You must, however, tailor your for colored hair, which can also be . Minimize heat-styling to protect your hair from further damage, and never rub your hair with a

For maintaining gray-colored hair, use TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Shampoo. Since grays have cooler pigments (compared to warmer tones like golden brows, reds, and coppers), can help keep them looking fresh and cool-toned. This formula deposits purple pigments in the hair strands to preserve blonde shades while nourishing them with jojoba oil. 

To add vibrance, we recommend Sunsilk Naturals Sakura & Raspberry Radiance Shampoo. This shampoo has and raspberries that purify hair and coax out its natural shine.

Gray hair doesn’t have to be or high maintenance. Try out gray hair highlights and have fun with vibrant, multidimensional, gray-colored hair.