Asian woman with heart-shaped sunglasses wearing a red bandana

Remember Kirsten Dunst’s bandana in Bring It On? Well, it’s back now, thanks to 18-year-old pop star Olivia Rodrigo. Feel old yet? Made famous by glam rockers and rappers in the ‘80s, the hair bandana and its numerous styling iterations have stood the test of time, trends, and, frankly, good sense. An oversized bandana as a going-out top? Leave it to Beyoncé to make that work. These days, it’s the Gen Zers who are rocking the look. Are you thinking of trying it out? Here are all the ways to wear it.

Rock a Headscarf

In the “Déjà vu” music video, Olivia wears a Versace headscarf while driving a convertible vintage Mercedes. Yes, like Susan Sarandon in Thelma & Louise. It’s a classic look that also doubles as protection for your hair. After all, exposing your locks to the elements — strong winds, dust, and UV rays — can be damaging. A silk bandana should keep it from getting   without a lot of friction to boot. 

Wear a Triangle Bandana

If you’d like to throw it back to the Cheer-ocracy and rock a bandana a la Torrance Shipman, try a triangle hair bandana. Check out Nadine Lustre’s take on the style, which has a more bohemian feel. Achieve this look by taking a square bandana or scarf. Fold it diagonally to create a triangle. Then, tie it around your head. Make sure to still show a little bit of your hairline for a feminine look.

Make It a Headwrap

For full-blown glamour, try wearing it as a full headwrap! You’ll need a wider hair bandana for this one. It’s less complicated than it looks: Simply wrap the bandana around your entire head and hair and create a knot at the back of your head. The larger the bandana, the more voluminous the knot. Allow the tails to fall on your shoulders for more drama.

Sash It Up

If you’re a millennial, think Axl Rose. If you’re ARMY, think V. If you don’t know who either of them is, maybe you’ve seen the original Karate Kid? You get the picture. It requires folding the hair bandana into a headband. It’s an edgier look, but it can still be feminine with (like Zoey Deutch’s ‘60s inspired eyelashes).

Turn It into a Complete Outfit

Don’t want to wear the hair bandana on your head? You don’t have to! When it comes to style, your imagination is the limit. Take a cue from Blackpink’s Lisa, who took that iconic paisley pattern to the next level and turned it into an outfit. She wore mini bandanas in the same fabric to tie her , too.

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