Asian woman with brown hair

Women with usually have naturally dark hair. But if there’s anything we learned from beauty experts and icons, it’s that these days, you don’t have to stick to the hair color you’re born with. The technology to chemically alter the color of our hair strands exists, so why not take it? The thing is, going to a professional colorist isn’t always possible. Read on for tips on tweaking without bleach and what you should expect from your box dye.

It’s Cost-Effective and Practical

A box dye, or DIY hair color that comes in a box, is the obvious choice if you want to dye your hair without using bleach. can help you achieve the vibrant color that you want. It's especially effective when you're trying a bold hue or one way lighter than your current shade. However, bleaching is also a huge hassle, not to mention time-consuming, expensive, painful, and damaging to your hair.

Using a box dye to is a popular choice, and you can count on your favorite DIY dyes to be , relatively easy to use, and super convenient. If you’re new to the process, try using a bubble dye, which dispenses the dye through a non-runny, mess-free lather.

It Won't Significantly Alter Your Hair Color

One thing to remember about box dyes is that the resulting hair color will rarely match the color sample on the box. It’s a photoshopped image that’s been adjusted for tone and warmth to provide the best possible effect of the hair dye, not necessarily the most accurate one. 

Besides, the promoted image doesn’t account for your hair’s current hair color and porosity, which affects results. You have to consider those factors to achieve hair color for morena without bleach. The final product – your newly – will usually appear darker than the color on the box. This shade will tend to lighten over time even with permanent hair dyes.

The Result Will Depend on Your Hair Health

It's recommended to prep the hair at least two weeks before dyeing it so that it’s as healthy as it can be before it’s chemically treated. This means it daily and deep conditioning it with a nourishing mask at least twice a week. Severely damaged hair will not be able to withstand hair dyeing and can come out even dryer, , and prone to breakage.

If you want to find out if your hair is too damaged to be dyed, here’s a neat trick: Take a section of your hair and pull it smooth and flat between your fingers. Add a few drops of water to the flat section and see how quickly your hair absorbs it. If the water disappears too fast, you might want to hold off on your DIY project for now.

The Instructions Aren’t Messing Around

Successfully applying hair color for morena without bleach is a meticulous process. Take the instructions on the back of the box and the insert seriously. Keep in mind that you should be going to a professional to begin with, and they too can make mistakes. On the other hand, you did not study the basics of hair health, structure, and chemical treatments.

These instructions will keep you from doing a botch job and help preserve the health of your hair. For example, doing the can help you detect if you’re going to break out in hives or have other adverse reactions during the dyeing process. Most dyes also need to be left in the hair for at least 30 minutes but no longer than 45. It’s best to use a timer to achieve the best possible results.

Your Hair Will Inevitably Be a Bit Drier After Dyeing

Dyeing your hair, even without bleach, permanently alters your hair and compromises integrity. So be prepared to do a whole lot of to replenish your hair with moisture and make it look healthy again.

Most DIY hair dyes come with a conditioner that you can use after the dyeing process to seal in moisture and preserve the color a bit longer. Color does fade with every wash, so it’s essential to use color-safe products if you want to prolong the effect. Try TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Shampoo, specifically formulated for color-treated hair. It has anti-fade technology to keep color from fading and jojoba oil to keep your hair shiny and moisturized.

Achieving vibrant hair color for morena without bleach is possible with box dyes. Just make sure to follow the instructions, prep your hair and make sure it’s at its healthiest before the process, and maintain your hair’s health by conditioning regularly and using color-safe products.