Asian woman with long black hair taking a selfie

Has your use of hair conditioner waned over the past couple of years? Welcome to the club! Many women have cut back on using conditioner after shampooing for various reasons. These include having a tight budget and feeling like they don’t need it since they spent most of two years inside their house.

As people reemerge into public spaces, getting reacquainted with hair conditioners is essential. Here are five reasons it belongs to your haircare routine.

It Reduces Friction

Because shampoo works to cleanse the hair and scalp, you can expect it to get rid of some natural oils that may be keeping your strands soft. Using a hair conditioner after every shampoo smoothens the hair cuticle by coating each strand with nourishing ingredients. It also helps fill in splits and reduces friction between each strand, which protects them from damage.

It Makes Styled Hair Look and Feel Manageable

Notice how skipping hair conditioner makes your hair look tired and dry even after a blow-dry? It is because conditioners are responsible for enhancing the feel, appearance, and general manageability of hair, according to the Indian Journal of Dermatology. Moreover, because styling causes physical trauma to the hair, using conditioner is even more important to keep it looking healthy and damage-free.

It Tames Frizz and Boosts Shine

Sebum – yes, the oil on your scalp — is your hair’s natural conditioner. In a perfect world, these oils will always be balanced and able to coat each hair strand evenly. Of course, this is not the case. Some people naturally don’t produce as much sebum, and some hair types, such as , are more cumbersome to coat from root to tip. A hair conditioner is the boost you need in this department since many of them come with essential oils that and boost shine. 

It Cuts Down Styling Time

The less you do to your hair in terms of and styling, the better. However, we’re not here to judge! Not everyone is blessed with naturally smooth, bouncy, and thick hair. Therefore, heat styling is a common practice for many. If you are going to style your hair frequently, make conditioner your best friend. It helps make your hair smoother and more manageable, cuts your styling time, and saves your strands from multiple pressings of a straightening iron or repeated tension from blow-drying.

It Prevents Hair Fall

Here’s a little-known fact: According to the experts at Cream Silk, skipping hair conditioner makes you 3x more prone to . As mentioned above, when shampoo effectively cleanses the hair and scalp, it also washes away essential nourishment, making it weak and Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense has Tri-Oleo Complex specifically has three beauty oils that strengthen hair inside and out.

Every day that you skip your hair conditioner, you put your hair at risk of hair fall, frizz, tangles, , and damage from friction and styling. Cream Silk has five different variants of conditioners for different hair concerns: Dry Rescue, Hair Fall Defense, Standout Straight, Damage Control, and Long & Luscious. Choose one that best addresses your hair’s needs and use it every day to keep your hair strong and healthy — no skipping!