Asian woman flipping hair outdoors

The power of the hair flip entered mainstream consciousness through films, particularly Clueless in 1995 and Charlie’s Angels in 2000. That moment when the inimitable Lucy Liu told Cameron Diaz, “Flip your goddamn hair,” was an aha moment for many women, much like when we first saw the bend-and-snap.

What is a hair flip? In case you've been hiding under a rock, a hair flip is an act of whipping your hair from side to side (or upside down!), usually to make a statement. The hair flip is among the many gestures that implicitly convey confidence, sass, and an IDGAF attitude that can get you places and help you . Here are the others.

Make Eye Contact

According to John Stoker's book, Overcoming Fake Talk, “93% of communication occurs through nonverbal behavior and tone. Only 7% of communication takes place through the use of words.” Eye contact is one of the most powerful agents of confidence. A 2020 study in the Journal of Nonverbal Communication states it plays a massive role in building relationships, effective persuasion, and intimacy. Even without an agenda, making eye contact creates mightier bonds with your peers.

Stand Tall

Slouching is a huge no-no if you want people to see you as . Think of what your favorite yoga teacher might say about an imaginary string pulling your head up and stacking your spine. It makes you look physically more capable and stable. It also sends more oxygen to your lungs, which can help you think more clearly and feel calmer and more confident. 

Slow and Steady Movements

Mindful and purposeful movements also convey confidence. These tend to appear slower and steadier than when you hesitate and are unsure of what to do. Intentional gestures make you look decisive, knowledgeable, and assertive versus frantic movements. It also inspires others to place their confidence in you.

Take Long Strides

Ever wonder why models walk the way they do? Models have to take longer strides and emphasize the heel-to-toe transition to own the runway. It makes them look taller and more graceful. Plus it projects confidence. On the other hand, taking smaller steps can make you look timider. So, go ahead. Take a cue from Kaia, Doutzen, Emily, and Rosie — make every step count.

Keep Your Arms Open

The Knowledge Media Research Center of Tübingen, Germany collated studies on arms-crossing and The research concluded that crossing your arms can come across as submissive, inhibited, avoidant, and escape-motivated. You build a barrier between yourself and the world around you. While it can come in handy in specific environments, it’s not particularly helpful when you’re trying to

Smile, If You Like

This one is tricky. People have always told women to smile or they'll become “old maids.” This faulty "logic" implies that smiling is for others instead of an expression of a woman’s internal disposition. It’s time we take the smile’s power back and do it only when we feel like it — not when we’re expected to. So, smile if you want. Don’t smile if you don’t. It takes conviction to do that.

Flip Your Hair

Remember Pinky Webb’s unbothered hair flip on primetime news? It’s the stuff of memes and an excellent reminder of the massive impact of body language on conversations. Flipping your hair can communicate various emotions: flirty, strong, GGSS, fierce, serious. Scientists from the University of Dayton in Ohio claim that it’s proof of attraction. But it can be so much more than that.

If you want people to know you mean business, flip your hair. For a more lasting impression, use Sunsilk Naturals Watermelon Freshness Shampoo. This gives you soft, flowing, flippable hair with a minty fresh fragrance. For bouncy hair, try Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Volume and Bounty Shampoo. This volumizing formula boosts your hair’s bounciness, smoothness, and shine — perfect for making memorable hair flip moments.

Doing a hair flip, making eye contact, and standing tall are just a few of the small yet impactful gestures you can use to convey confidence. Practicing them regularly can help build yours.