Woman whipping long, healthy hair

Do you notice your hair thinning? Some of your habits might be affecting your hair without you being aware of them. Restoring your hair to look strong and healthy requires an understanding of what causes hair thinning in the first place. If the hair fall isn’t caused by hereditary reasons, hormonal changes, a medical condition, or natural aging, you might be unconsciously weakening your strands.

If you’re inclined to doing the things listed below, then it’s time to manage your habits! Trust us, your hair will thank you! 

Bleaching Your Hair

Putting your hair through too much chemical treatments can result in weaker roots and strands. , coloring, straightening your hair may improve how it looks now but can cause long-term damage if not taken care of properly. Improperly bleaching or coloring your hair can damage the scalp, which can lead to . If you want to try a hair treatment, go to a professional to make sure your hair and scalp are safe and remain healthy.

You Worry a Lot

The American Academy of Dermatology states that stress and anxiety can play a huge part in . If you’re noticing your hair getting thinner, you might want to assess how you handle stressful situations in your life. According to the AAD, stress can force hair into a resting phase, wherein you temporarily stop producing new strands. Stress can also cause unconscious hair pulling or a condition called trichotillomania. Regular exercise and surrounding yourself with positive people can help manage stress and its effects.

You Use Hot Tools 

Use hot styling tools such as hairdryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons in moderation. Using them too often can make your hair dry and brittle and prone to damage and hair fall. The heat from these tools weakens the hair shaft, causing it to break. If you must heat-style, use tools with ceramic plates so heat is evenly distributed on the surface, and always keep the hairdryer 12 inches from your head.

Your Hair Is Exposed to Smoke

A lesser-known negative effect of smoking is damage to hair follicles that can eventually lead to hair loss. A 2020 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology cites that nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco smoke can cause oxidative stress and reduce blood flow to the hair follicles. This can also make hair more brittle and dryer. Other external factors that cause oxidative stress are UV rays, radiation, and environmental pollution. 

Your Ponytail is Too Tight

Traction hair loss occurs when something repeatedly or routinely pulls on your hair. Your ponytail may look cute, but it might be low-key making you go bald. Other causes can be headbands that are too tight, wearing hair accessories overnight, braids, hair extensions, and overgrown long hair. Luckily, this can be reversed. Try changing your hairstyle every week and use hair clips that are gentle on the hair.

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Once a week, use Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Hairfall Defiance, which contains an intensive nourishment and conditioning agent that penetrates deeply into the hair fiber and addresses hair fall caused by extreme factors like bleaching and styling.

Reverse hair thinning by breaking up with these bad hair habits and paying more attention to how your everyday actions impact your hair.