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The wonders of K-Beauty aren’t just limited to skin care. You may have noticed how your K-Pop idols also have lustrous, healthy hair. That glossy Korean look is the result of a meticulous haircare regimen. The good news is that you don’t have to move to another country (or become Korean) to have similar tresses. Wondering how to make your hair glossy? Read on to learn more about hair treatments that can give your hair a boost.

Shampoo Mindfully

The first step to healthy hair is keeping it clean. But don’t just wash it with any shampoo. Use one that suits your hair type, or you risk creating more damage to your mane. Limp hair can benefit from a clarifying shampoo that lifts the roots and removes product build-up. On the other hand, thick or coarse hair needs a shampoo that moisturizes and hydrates the strands.

When you shampoo, focus on your scalp to cleanse it of excess sebum, sweat, and bacteria. Avoid overwashing your strands, especially the ends. Try to enjoy the process. This will change how you see shampoo and help you make better product choices.

Pamper Your Scalp

Koreans are just as serious about scalp care as they are about skin. Using expensive haircare products would be pointless if your scalp screams for help. Itchiness, dryness, dandruff, sensitivity, and oil residue are all signs it needs your attention and care, especially if it's indicating a need for a solution for .

Hair problems such as dullness, dryness, and frizz can come from an unhealthy scalp. Your scalp controls the overall health of your hair. The condition of the hair follicles and the skin around them can spell the difference between having healthy locks and losing them.

That’s why scalp treatments are here to help. Masks and scrubs are popular products you can use once a week. Koreans also love scalp scaling, a 90-minute salon treatment that involves steaming the scalp and removing excess sebum and dirt with a thick gel and a scaling tool.

Use a Conditioner

Shampoo cleanses your hair from dust, dirt, and grease, but it can also strip your strands of natural oils, which can lead to dry hair. Avoid stepping out of the shower without using a conditioner. After squeezing out excess water, apply the conditioner on your hair shaft, avoiding the roots. Leave it on for two to three minutes before rinsing for that soft and shiny Korean look.

Nourish With a Hair Mask

Koreans don’t limit their haircare arsenal to shampoo and conditioner but also include . Just as a face mask hydrates your skin, a hair mask gives you nourished and healthy hair that resists breakage and damage.

You can make a DIY mask using ingredients in your pantry. Bananas, eggs, avocados, aloe vera, honey, , and olive oil are some of the best ingredients for hair. Apply your mixture to damp hair and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse it with and wash it with shampoo and conditioner.

Give your Hair a Glossy Finish with a Serum

Before stepping out, apply some to coat the surface of your strands to give them that glossy finish. Not only does it add shine, but it also tames frizz, reduces tangles, and minimizes friction while protecting your hair from environmental aggressors.

Get a Salon Keratin Treatment

Keratin has become a buzzword in beauty and personal care for good reason. It's a natural protein that gives structure to your nails, skin, and hair. When you get a salon keratin treatment, you get the benefits of shiny hair and manageability. And if you suffer from breakage and brittle hair, it can help strengthen your strands and prevent split ends.

The popular Korean Cinderella treatment uses keratin, , and onions. Their moisturizing properties repair the hair before it is infused with keratin. The absence of chemicals in the mixture makes it perfect even if you have bleached hair.

If you don’t have time to go to a salon for a , there are products you can use at home to get that Korean look. Cream Silk Salon Expert Treatment Keratin Damage Repair has keratin and amino infusion to deeply repair each strand. For super smooth and shiny results, try Cream Silk Salon Expert Treatment Keratin Rebond Straight.

These treatments make caring for it easier and more convenient, so you can achieve that glossy Korean look without breaking the bank. Check these for more inspiration.

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