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Have you always wondered how to achieve healthy hair? Believe it or not, it starts with the most unassuming habits and lifestyle changes. It’s never too late to start focusing on what you should start incorporating into your current routine. Take the time to learn what is best for your unique hair type and what works best for your current lifestyle. Here are some healthy lifestyle examples to get you on the right track to improving your hair quality.

Level Up Your Diet with Protein 

Having a well-rounded and healthy diet will boost your hair health and quality, alongside the rest of your well-being. An inadequate diet can lead to brittle hair as your body isn’t full of nutrients or strong enough to help take care of your hair. Having a balanced diet full of nutritious foods is one of the key healthy lifestyle examples that will ensure progress in your hair care journey.

The tip? Protein. Protein. Protein. According to Harvard’s nutrition source, protein is a key part of any diet. As hair is mainly composed of a protein called keratin, it is important to have a healthy protein intake – at least 45g for women and 55g for men.

Do you have brittle and weak hair that is prone to hair loss? Reassess your current diet to see if you are incorporating the five food groups. Reliable and great sources of protein that are friendly to people with all kinds of dietary restrictions include eggs, tofu, poultry, and oats.

Start Your Fitness Journey 

routine and naturally strengthen your hair. Not only can working out keep you active and build your muscles, but it also improves the quality of your hair.

When you sweat, you produce healthy oils across your scalp. According to the Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan's study "Effects for Scalp Blood Flow," sweating and blood circulation around the scalp unclogs our hair follicles, encouraging healthy hair growth.

However, make sure to wash out excess debris, dirt, and oil because it could also be counterproductive. Use TRESemmé Detox & Nourish Shampoo, which not only cleanses your hair and scalp but also strengthens .

Working out helps you de-stress and regulate your emotions. While it doesn't seem like much, it can play a big part for those who often have increased and damage during anxiety-filled times. Your workouts don’t have to be rigorous and exhausting ; you could instead go on a long walk in the park or have a dance party in your room.

You Snooze, You Don’t Lose

Have you been getting enough sleep? Have you been pulling lots of lately? Well, did you know getting enough sleep can have a positive effect on your hair? One of the most important healthy lifestyle examples for healthy hair is sleep, which helps your hair's protein synthesis, which can keep your hair healthy.

If you are an adult, you need around seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night. The best tip to getting a solid amount of sleep is to make sure you stop using your phone around an hour before bedtime. It gives your eyes and brain a break. Secondly, partake in activities that can calm you down; drinking chamomile or ginger tea before bed or doing a short 5-10 minute in-bed meditation. Getting enough sleep will also help decrease your stress levels, further aiding care for your hair.

Monitor Your Booze Intake

T There’s no harm in drinking a few drinks during social gatherings or dinners. However, excessive drinking can mess with your ability to take in nutrients. Not getting enough nutrients such as zinc or iron can lead to hair loss or in general.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states that in cases of severe zinc deficiencies, individuals may experience hair loss. They also state that alcoholics are more prone to zinc inadequacy because ethanol consumption decreases intestinal absorption of zinc. Additionally, a 2013 study by Song Youn Park, Se Young Na, and others from Seoul National University concludes that there may be a correlation between iron deficiency and hair loss.

Overall, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol will quickly dry out your hair over time. It causes your hair to be weak and brittle, more susceptible to breakage and . Monitoring and being aware of your alcohol intake will help benefit you in the long term.

If your hair needs a quick pick-me-up, use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum. This smoothing serum de-frizzes, untangles, shines, softens, and tames, giving your tresses a healthy and pampered look.

These are just four of the many different healthy lifestyle examples that can help you along your hair care journey. You won't believe how the smallest changes in your diet or daily activities can drastically advance your hair quality. Now go and watch your relationship with your hair change for the better.