Happy Asian woman with thick hair

Hair thinning occurs naturally as we age. However, it can also be triggered by certain lifestyle factors, such as scalp issues, frequent heat styling, harsh hair treatments, and stress, among others. The treatment will depend on what’s causing your hair fall, so it’s best to go to a doctor for an expert opinion. In the meantime, you can keep your locks happy and prevent further thinning with these home remedies for hair fall and regrowth tips.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

According to Dermatology Practical and Conceptual Journal, nutritional deficiencies can impact hair structure and growth. A lack of certain nutrients, such as iron and protein, can directly lead to hair loss, states the American Academy of Dermatology. Eating too few calories can do the same. Consult your dermatologist on how to adjust your diet to promote healthy hair. Do not take supplements without an expert’s recommendation.

Apply Coconut Oil

If you want to strengthen your hair and prevent hair fall or breakage, try coating it with before hitting the shower. The International Journal of Trichology says coconut oil has a superior ability to protect hair because of its long, straight structure that’s easily absorbed by the hair shaft. Applying it to your hair before washing can help promote hair growth by keeping your hair strong and reducing breakage.

Cleanse your hair with Dove Botanical Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Silicone Free Primrose and rinse the oil off. Formulated with 100% botanical oil with primrose, this shampoo nourishes to reduce hair fall.

Use Aloe Vera

is among the centuries-old home remedies for hair fall and regrowth. It’s known to strengthen hair by keeping the scalp healthy. Aloe vera’s cooling and soothing properties can help relieve , itching, and inflammation caused by dandruff, which also contributes to hair fall. The Brazilian Journal of Microbiology notes that it also gets rid of excess sebum while preserving the hair.

Add a Scalp Massage to Your Routine

A 2016 study published in Eplasty Journal concluded that regular scalp massages can lead to thicker hair. The practice stretches the cells of the hair follicles, stimulating them to produce thicker, more robust strands. Scalp massages also stimulate the blood vessels, promoting growth. You can use your fingers to lightly massage your head while you’re letting your conditioner sit, or use a scalp brush.

Apply Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Hair Fall Defiance Ultra Conditioner on your strands and let the product absorb for a few minutes. While waiting, massage your scalp using light strokes. Avoid pulling at your hair in the process.

Give Your Hair a Break

Frequent heat styling, , and friction can all result in breakage. If you’re struggling with this, one of the best home remedies for hair fall and regrowth is to give your hair a break. Stop tying it in a super tight ponytail. Ditch that snag on the hair. Stop trying to make wavy hair stick straight or keeping your hair that perfect shade of lilac — at least for now. Give all your treatments a chance to work by letting your hair rest.