Portrait of a young woman with short, curly brown hair
Time3 mins
Difficulty LevelMedium

Tools for Tutorial


Curling Wand

blow dryer

Blow Dryer

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Rocking is a blast. You stay cool in the summer and have an easier beauty routine. Butcurling short hair can get tricky when it’s anything shorter than shoulder length. Since you have way less hair to work with, it’s harder to achieve those dreamy waves.

Worry not – we’ve compiled an easy guide on how to curl short hair in different styles, from a fluffy blowout to “undone” waves.

How to Get Voluminous Curls That Last All Day

Influencer Rianne Motas’ go-to short hairdo is bouncy, va-va-voom curls. Her style inspo? None other than YouTuber Matilda Djerf whose signature hairstyle has amassed over 150 million views on TikTok. Rianne shares her tips on how to curl short hair and look “effortlessly chic.”

How to Curl Short Hair with a Blow Dryer

For daily looks, use your hairdryer and rounded brush to create soft waves with C-shaped ends. This style will make your short hair look oh-so-healthy and full.

How to Do Heatless Curls for Short Hair Overnight

Yes, you can curl short hair without heat! And dare we say, the produces the most natural beachy-slash-indie sleaze waves. The best news? It doesn’t require any tool, aside from a handful of hair elastics.

Knowing how to curl short hair is a valuable skill. If you haven’t got the hang of it, don’t give up! Remember that practice makes perfect. Keep working on your tresses, and don’t forget to invest in good-quality haircare products.