Smiling woman with brown hair touching her scalp.

Your strands have been through a lot. Dyes, perms, hot styling tools – you name it. While these little experiments are almost always worth the trouble, they can leave your tresses . If you’ve ever googled “how to make your hair healthy” in a desperate attempt to revive your crowning glory, look no further. This guide is all you need, whether you have , , or anything in between.

Wipe the Slate Clean

The key to having healthy hair is selecting products that best suit your and porosity. Of course, this includes shampoo. Take the time to read the ingredients and understand what they can do for your mane. One example is silicone, most commonly used for . Its only caveat is it weighs down the hair when used too often. 

If your go-to shampoo contains any form of silicone, there’s no need to throw it away. Copy TikTok’s hair cycling method by using it alternatively with Dove Botanical Silicone Free Shampoo for Damaged Hair Restore to rinse off product buildup. The gentle formula is made with 100% botanical oil with Pink Moroccan Rose extract that nourishes dry locks and helps repair damage.

Condition With Love

Wondering how to make your healthy? . This step restores your locks with much-needed moisture. Right after shampooing, wring out your strands and apply Dove Botanical Silicone Free Conditioner for Damaged Hair Restore. Leave it on for two to five minutes, and your hair will feel silky smooth.

For an extra dose of care, layer on a leave-in conditioner when your hair is half-dry. It will help detangle knots and protect against heat. You can also stash one in your bag for a quick touch-up.

Make Time for Scalp Treatments

Most people go about their day blissfully unaware that the scalp functions much like the skin on their face. Translation: your scalp needs some pampering, too! We’re talking exfoliation, massages, and masks – all the goodies. You don’t have to do the full menu every wash day. Depending on the products, weekly treatments should suffice. Finally, don’t forget about sun protection. Shield your head from the harsh sunlight with a fashionable hat, , or vintage scarf.

Brush Your Hair the Right Way

Ditch Marcia Brady’s 100-stroke technique because overbrushing is the recipe for hair breakage and hair fall, and it’s the last thing you want. Instead, aim to do it twice a day at the most.

Pick a paddle brush and work out any tangles gently, starting from the ends and up toward the roots. To , avoid brushing your locks when they're wet.

Go Heatless

How to make your hair healthy: leave it alone, which means putting those blowouts, beachy waves, and styling tools on hold for a few months. If you’d sooner run a marathon than step out with air-dried hair, think of this break as a challenge to try new hairstyles. Fret not, we have plenty of inspos.

Swap your curling wand for to create voluminous waves overnight. For special occasions, get creative with an . Short on time? Put on some or bust out your trusty .

Sleep on Silk

Making the switch to can save your hair. While it’s pricier than the regular polyester-cotton blend, it’s worth the investment since it can help make your locks smoother and shinier. The soft texture minimizes friction, which reduces your risk of waking up with a serious case of bedhead.

Trim Those Ends

Split ends are the bane of healthy hair, and the only way to cut ties with them is by getting a trim. Snipping those damaged ends helps your strands to . The bonus? Your hair will look so much thicker and fuller than before.

Try getting a trim every six to eight weeks, but you can stretch the intervals. Ask your hairdresser for a dusting to maintain the length. However, if your hair feels coarse, you may need to schedule one sooner.

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

Like your skin, the hair also benefits from a balanced diet. Essential nutrients like vitamins A, C, E, and D, as well as minerals like zinc and iron aid in the production of hair cells, giving you stronger and thicker strands. 

H2O is equally important. Drinking an adequate amount of water every day ensures that your hair follicles receive enough moisture. So, pay attention to what you feed your body and always keep a bottle of water next to you. 

Learning how to make your hair healthy can save you more time and money in the long run. So, make these steps a part of your daily routine. You’ll have endless good hair days before long.