Smiling woman in cropped white sweater with long black hair raising her arms in the air.

A bad hair day can throw off your mojo. An otherwise blue sky can turn as gloomy as your mood, ruined by the sight of your bedhead. Everyone’s been there, but did you know that your untamed, uncooperative hair is not a random occurrence? There are specific reasons behind this coup d'état, and pinpointing these will help make your hair look gorgeous. So, stop huffing and puffing! Read on to get to the bottom of this phenomenon.

Why Your Hair Rebels Against You

The fact is, you can be practicing the A to Z of a good and still get attitude from your tresses. Many forces are at play when it comes to a bad hair day, and some are out of your control. Causes can be as straightforward as hot, humid weather, or more complicated like your diet and stress level. Avoid having another not-so-good 'do by finding out what's behind it.

Problem #1: Air-drying the hair.

It’s true. shows letting the hair air-dry completely can lead to dryness and breakage. It takes longer to dry the hair naturally, which can lead to the drastic swelling and de-swelling of the hair cortex. The best approach would be air-drying the hair for 30 minutes and finishing the job with a low-heat hair dryer positioned 15 cm from the scalp.

Problem #2: Washing the hair with hot water.

As good as it feels to melt your troubles away with a , doing this saps moisture out of your scalp and strands. This means your hair becomes frizzy and flat after a couple of hours. Should you go for cold water the next time you shower? You can, or if that's too much, just use lukewarm water.

Problem #3: The hair lacks nutrients.

Eating too much greasy stuff can make your hair, well, greasy. Moreover, the hair needs to grow new strands and keep the long ones strong. Add more healthy fats, proteins, and iron-rich foods like fish and nuts to your diet, and you will see a big difference in your locks.

Problem #4: Mother Nature.

Here’s an unexpected hair tip: check the weather app before heading out. The air contains fine droplets of water, also known as . Thick hair with high porosity absorbs all this moisture, resulting in waves and coils. Meanwhile, humidity flattens hair with low porosity and makes it look lifeless. You can combat this by switching shampoos to volumize or tame your hair accordingly.

Problem #5: Sleeping without protecting the hair. 

Tossing and turning can damage your hair, especially if it’s wet. Always comb your hair before bed so you won’t have to tango with tangles in the morning. You can put your hair in a protective hairstyle like braids or top knots, but use a silk scrunchie instead of . Lastly, apply hair serum or overnight hair mask to lock in moisture.

How to Save a Bad Hair Day

Don’t cancel your plans if your hair is looking blah! Check out these emergency fixes for every bad hair day scenario.

When your flat hair needs to bounce.

Bring your tresses to life with the help of dry shampoo. It refreshes an oily scalp and adds texture to volumize the hair. The trick is to spray the dry shampoo only at the roots and lightly massage the head afterward. can do wonders, too.

When your hair is sticking out in every direction.

can give the impression that you haven’t put much effort into your hair, even when you’ve spent a good hour taming . Tame these stray hairs with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum, which seals moisture in the hair cuticles and protects your strands from heat damage. Reapply it whenever static or humidity awakens rogue hairs.

When your hair gets poofy and two times bigger.

Monica Geller from Friends said it well. Humidity can make your hair totally unrecognizable. You don’t have to wash your hair again when this happens, though. Mist your locks with cold water to close the cuticles and keep moisture from penetrating your hair. The poufiness should subside instantly. However, if you have wavy or , make sure to top it off with a leave-in conditioner or smoothing cream.

When your hair is full of knots and twists.

Spritzing some detangling spray is a shortcut to smooth hair. But if you always have to exert force to brush through your tresses, then the solution starts in the shower. Hair tangling is a tell-tale sign of dryness. Begin by washing your hair with Sunsilk Naturals Coconut Hydration Shampoo, which contains real to refresh and rehydrate every hair fiber. The formula is lightweight and leaves the hair soft without looking flat. Pair it with a conditioner and nourishing hair mask to give extra love to the matted strands.

When you have no time to blow-dry your hair.

Oh, those dreadful mornings when you can’t help but say “ugh” every time you pass a mirror. If you’re fed up with putting your hair in a ponytail or messy bun, plaited hair is the next easiest option. Choose from elegant French braids, romantic waterfall braids, or edgy upside-down braids.

Can’t be bothered to attempt hair braiding? Play with hair accessories like barrettes, , headbands, or hair clips, and no one will know you had a very rushed morning.

Don’t let a bad hair day have the final say. Besides, it’s usually just your hair’s way of letting you know it needs some TLC. Give your hair a break, and it will thank you!