Maureen Wroblewitz in a white top posing with her hand below her chin.

If you have a widow’s peak hairline, you know the daily struggles that come with it. For one, it grows flat on one side, which makes a super-precise middle part out of the question. The solution? You can either let it be or shave it. (The horror!)

In a TikTok clip, documented her two-year struggle with growing her razored widow’s peak hairline. Spoiler: It did not look pretty. So, instead of getting rid of that little tuft of hair, you can embrace it. Keep scrolling for tips on “fixing” the hairline with different easy-to-recreate styles.

Part Your Hair in Zigzag

Say what you want about , but the zigzag hair part deserves a second chance. It’s a happy medium between middle vs. side partings that softens the appearance of your widow’s peak hairline. In South Korea, idols and actresses use the technique to hide .

The modern take on this unconventional parting is more discreet than the one made famous by pre-Dirrty Christina Aguilera. Ditch the rattail comb and trace the zigzag pattern with your finger to achieve the look. Separate the strands along the part and finish with a light-hold hairspray. That’s it – now you’re a Gen-Z icon. 

Create a Sleek Bun to Show Off Your Widow’s Peak Hairline

Sofia Richie and Kourtney Kardashian love flaunting their widow’s peak hairline with slicked-back hairstyles. The sleek bun is a classic choice to elevate any ensemble and emphasize your facial features. Another reason it’s worth adding to your roster of hairstyles is it camouflages in an instant. Bad hair day, who?

Perfecting a sleek bun can feel like an arm workout. The good news is it doesn’t have to be. If your long hair is prone to tangles, use Sunsilk Expert-Perfect Straight Shampoo to make styling effortless. It features Straight Lock Technology that, combined with your conditioner, leaves your strands smooth and silky – like they've been blow-dried!

Get Some Bangs On

Not all widow’s peaks are made equal. Some are asymmetrical, while others are sharply defined. There’s no shame in wanting to cover yours if it bothers you. One stylish way to do it is by .

Straight-across bangs à la BLACKPINK’s Lisa can dramatically change your appearance and conceal your widow’s peak. Plus, they’re considered one the best hairstyles for camouflaging a receding hairline.

If you have textured hair or prefer a , opt for side-swept bangs. When you flip the hair to one side, you get a nice boost of volume on the crown and the illusion of a fuller mane. Want an even trendier style? Try matching your bangs with a .

Rock a Headband

Not in the mood to pull off intricate hairstyles? Make do like Blair Waldorf and wear a headband. A narrow piece with intricate details should be your pick when the occasion calls for elegance with a capital E. Meanwhile, the is a cool pick for when you’re running errands, or by any chance, taking a road trip in a vintage convertible.

If you’re going for the clean girl aesthetic, choose a bandeau that’s wide enough to conceal your roots. Slide it a few inches from your forehead so your widow’s peak can peek through.

Got Cowlicks? Reshape Them With a Blow Dryer

If you have a widow's peak hairline, you know that cowlicks usually come with the territory. As annoying as these unruly patches of hair can be, they are normal. Aggressively brushing your hair won’t change the pattern, but you can minimize the awkward bump with the help of a blow dryer.

Start with damp hair and apply TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum from the mid-lengths to the tips. It has keratin and marula oil that gives you five smoothing benefits, including taming flyaways and adding shine. Next, take a round brush and blow dry the cowlicks in various directions. Lock the shape with a blast of cold air and gently pull the hair in your desired part.

Although having a widow’s peak hairline can be challenging, the style does have many redeeming qualities. It’s even considered an attractive quality by Chinese beauty standards. This is your sign to style it like you mean it!