Asian woman with long hair and map and bag

Few women can have hair as fabulous as Thelma and Louise when traveling — windswept in a convertible, no less. Whether via plane, train, or automobile, there’s no question that travel can take a toll on your appearance. Hair is especially vulnerable since it reacts to the tiniest fluctuations in humidity and other external factors. If you’re going on vacation anytime soon, read how to take care of your hair when you’re traveling. P.S. Don't forget to wear your face mask and follow proper sanitation protocols.

Wrap Your Hair in a Silk Scarf

The silk scarf isn’t just a stylish accessory. It’s stood the test of time and fashion seasons for a reason: it’s chic as well as functional. You can to keep your hair in place, wrap it around like a headband, or use it to protect your strands from friction while you sleep. The slippery texture of silk makes it one of the least abrasive fabrics you can use on your hair. It can also prevent tangles and frizz. Make this one of your go-to travel hairstyles for easy elegance and great hair.

Deep Condition Before a Long Flight

Deep-conditioning your hair right before a long flight or trip can help prevent many problems. It strengthens the hair by moisturizing it and keeping it from getting dry and brittle. It also smooths the hair cuticles and makes your hair more manageable. You can avoid the inevitable tangles and knots while you toss and turn in your seat. Lastly, it improves the appearance of your hair, which means you can wear it down and prevent stress on your scalp and strands which are associated with

Use Lightweight Styling Products

It doesn’t make sense to use heavy creams and gels on your hair if you’re traveling. These sticky substances not only attract more dirt, but they also make your hair pretty oily. You don’t want that. If you’ve deep conditioned your hair, that should give it enough . However, if you have to style your hair, use lightweight hair serums and mists that won’t make your strands limp and greasy looking.

Pack Travel-Size Hair Products

Minis are your friends. Besides, it’s never tempting to lug around full-size bottles of shampoo and conditioner anyway. Collect smaller bottles and packets of your favorite products to bring on trips. Make sure to ask for samples at beauty counters — they’re more than happy to give some away with a small purchase.

You could also check out the nearest supermarket or drugstore for Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Hair Fall Defiance Treatment Shot. This travel-size lifesaver can instantly give you a good hair day. A 3-in-1 solution, it contains relaxers that tame frizz, essence to restore dull tresses, and serum to help repair damaged strands.

Don’t forget to pack TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum, too. A few pumps offer five hair-smoothing benefits, including frizz and flyaway management. The weather in your destination may be unpredictable, but at least you know that your hair will be on fleek.

Follow these hair care tips on how to take care of your hair when traveling to protect your strands from the elements as well as keep it looking healthy throughout your trip.