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The old-school keratin straightening treatment beauty enthusiasts have come to know has gotten a bad rap for its use of harsh chemicals. Its not-so-pretty side effects, from breakage to serious allergic reactions, have left many people wondering whether the results – silky smooth hair – are worth the risks. Enter keratin conditioner, a gentler alternative for achieving lustrous locks at home.

Nowadays you can find dozens of keratin treatment conditioners in supermarkets and e-commerce sites. But do they work on all hair types? Read on to know what they can do for your hair and how to use one.

What Is Keratin Conditioner?

Keratin conditioner is much like the conditioner on your bathroom shelf, except its star ingredient is keratin. Keratin is the same type of protein that makes up the structural foundation of the hair. But unlike many in-salon treatments, the keratin in conditioners is broken down through the process of hydrolyzation so that it can penetrate the hair cuticle without the need for heat or oxidizing agents.

Hydrolyzed keratin can effectively bond with the existing keratin molecules and fill in the damaged areas, temporarily strengthening the hair from within. The smoothening effect is just a sweet extra!

Keratin Conditioner Benefits for Every Hair Type

Keratin-infused conditioners are considered suitable for all hair types since everyone’s strands are composed of this fibrous protein. Moreover, it targets a wide range of hair concerns.

It helps smoothen out kinks in straight hair.

isn’t always sleek and smooth. Sometimes, it can develop awkward bends or irregular wave patterns, particularly in areas where the strands are finer or drier than the rest.

This is where keratin-based conditioners, such as Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Straight Treatment Crème, prove to be one of your greatest allies. Infused with a Triple Keratin formula, it provides moisture to your hair, adds shine, and keeps your locks silky-smooth. Plus, it saves you so much time in the morning by giving you smooth and silky hair without having to use a flat iron!

It’s a lifesaver if you struggle with damaged hair.

Heat styling, , , and even from the sun can break your precious tresses. While it’s not possible to permanently repair hair once it’s damaged, using a conditioner with hydrolyzed keratin can help support the broken bonds within the hair shaft. Additionally, researchers found that could strengthen strands by up to 40%.

If you notice your hair becomes brittle and more prone to split ends, treat it with Vitakeratin Treatment Deep Repair. It has a unique blend of vitamin E, keratin, and argan oil that restores damaged locks and makes them more manageable.

It makes your curls soft and shiny.

It’s a that keratin conditioner can ruin your curl pattern. The truth is it can’t alter the inherent structure of your hair, so you don’t have to worry about straightening your curls. It only helps keep the hair cuticle flat. This translates to smooth and glossy waves or curls.

How to Use Keratin Conditioner

The biggest mistake people make when conditioning their hair with keratin is not leaving it on long enough. Conditioner requires a few minutes to work its magic, and rushing the process only curtails its effectiveness. Follow the instructions printed on the product label to maximize its benefits. But beware of overloading your hair with keratin as it can weigh down your strands, especially if yours are fine in texture.

Overusing keratin products can also lead to your hair feeling sticky and stringy. You can prevent this by washing your mane with a once to twice a week. It can help remove buildup coating your strands.

The verdict: keratin conditioner is a superb addition to your shower must-haves, whether you have straight, curly, thick, or fine hair. It gives you salon-worthy locks at a fraction of the price and none of the damage. The key is to find a product that matches your hair needs.