Asian woman with short curly hair

Are you rocking a kulot hairstyle? Whether your curls are , they typically require special care compared to their stick-straight counterparts. is porous and has unique qualities. For example, it’s usually way longer than it looks, plus it’s more prone to dryness than any other hair type. Keep your healthy by practicing these styling and techniques.

Choose Products According to Your Hair Porosity

You should do this whether you have straight locks, wavy hair, or big curls. Checking for hair porosity may sound like a practice that came out of nowhere but is now suddenly a thing, but it’s a game-changer in caring for curly hair. It’s as simple as knowing if your curly hair has high or low porosity. 

You can find out by taking a strand of hair and dropping it in a glass of water. If the hair floats, it has low porosity, which means your hair cuticle can be hard to penetrate. If it quickly drops to the bottom, it has high porosity, which means your cuticles are open and cannot retain moisture. 

The higher your hair porosity, the denser your products should be. Those with low porosity tend to benefit from lightweight, while high porosity curls need butter and oils to keep them moisturized.

Less Blow-drying, More Air-drying

Staying away from heat-styling and blow-drying can improve the health of your curly hair. Blow-drying your hair, especially at a close distance, can damage your hair cuticle and cause it to swell. Once this happens, your strands can become brittle and more prone to breakage. However, a study published in the National Institutes of Health found that air-drying your hair when it's sopping wet damages the cuticles, too.

The best course of action is to either towel-dry the ends of your hair (without rubbing it!) until only damp and then air-dry or blow-dry your hair with heat only when it’s about 70% dry. Keep the hairdryer six inches away from your tresses to avoid damage.

Use the Right Hair Tools

Curly hair looks strong — and it can be — but it’s also prone to . Using the correct tools is essential to keeping it smooth and healthy, as well as preventing . Invest in a good quality wide-tooth comb for detangling your hair while it’s wet. You shouldn’t brush your hair wet because water makes your hair extra fragile and prone to . Start detangling before your shower. In the shower, don’t plop your wet hair on top of your head and brush your strands with your fingers as you condition. 

Use a Dove Nourishing Oil Care Keratin Tri-Silk Serum Shampoo for a smooth and tangle-free shampoo experience. This has Tri-Silk Serum and a unique blend of Nutri-oils that restore hair and make it more manageable. For salon-quality hair care, try TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Shampoo, which delivers 10 to strengthen hair and prevent frizz. 

Brush Your Ends Out First

To keep your kulot hairstyle clumped and defined (not wild and wiry), detangle them with a wide-tooth comb starting from the ends. Once the ends are detangled, take your favorite curl product, apply it to the length of your hair while carefully avoiding the roots, and then comb it through the hair for even application. Air-dry your hair to encourage it to dry in its natural curl pattern.

Embrace a kulot hairstyle while keeping it healthy and looking good by following the tips above. It’s all about moisturizing, gently detangling, and staying away from heat that can damage your locks. 

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