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A lob haircut comes with the promise of wash-and-wear sophistication and the risk of looking like a medieval lord (and that’s on your best hair day). Yet, it remains a popular style thanks to its practicality and ease of wear.

Usually past the chin or clavicle-grazing at most, the lob is a nice in-between cut that you can wear up or down, or , sleek or volumized. Hailey Bieber and Nadine Lustre make it look cool and luxurious, but you may be wondering why yours doesn’t quite have the same vibe. If you’re underwhelmed by your new lob, the following tweakments might help.

Get Precision Cutting

Ensure that your lob haircut is meticulously cut with clean lines and sharp angles. If something feels off about your cut, do not hesitate to tell your while you’re still at the salon. Depending on the texture of your hair, your stylist should be able to determine how to make your lob as smooth and flattering as possible. If buyer’s remorse comes later at home, you can always go back to have the cut tweaked or get a new style.

Add Color and Shine

Try bespoke coloring techniques such as or tailored to complement the lob's shape. Ideally, the placement of highlights should enhance your natural features. You can ask for a hair gloss treatment, which is a shine-enhancing procedure for colored hair, or a hair glaze, a color treatment that adds shine and . If you’re going for quiet luxury, opt for rich browns and reds.

Condition Daily

That said, literally any color can look expensive if your hair is lush and nourished, so don’t forget to condition daily with Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Hairfall Defiance. It provides 10x protection against due to breakage while giving your locks the benefits of keratin: taming frizz and restoring dull and dry tresses. Another tip: don’t let your roots show! If your hair starts to grow out and you don’t have time for a , use TRESemmé Root Touch-up Spray for Dark Brown Hair.

Trim Split Ends

If your lob haircut is a grown-out , chances are it would have a few split ends, which is the opposite of luxurious. Getting regular trims keeps your hair looking healthy and prevents further damage that may occur with frequent heat styling. Be upfront with your stylist about how much length you want them to take off, and don't be afraid to say something if you feel they’re cutting off too much.

Protect It From the Sun

Nothing dries out the hair like heat, and that includes heat from the sun. Because the lob haircut is so low-maintenance, it's easy to forget that it needs TLC, too. Exposing it to the elements without proper protection can make it look dry, frazzled, and frizzy. To avoid this, wear a hat or a if you’re going to be exposed to the sun. This will protect your scalp, too, and hold off issues like hair fall.

Choose the Right Accessories

Accentuate your lob haircut with carefully selected hair accessories inspired by your favorite expensive queens. Think inspired by Blair and Serena, or and hair pins a la Mary Kate and Ashley if that boho-grunge look is more your style. Just remember that the real luxury in this age of trends and dupes is authenticity, so stay true to your style and you can’t go wrong.

Wear It With Confidence

Ultimately, the key to making the lob haircut look expensive lies in how you carry yourself. If you want to rock a look, wear it like you mean it. No apologies or hiding under baseball caps, whether your hair is silky, frizzy, or just right.