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Is buhaghag hair keeping you from living your best life? Living with messy hair can be a chore. Because there are days when no amount of brushing can make it behave, a boost from the right products makes a huge difference. Achieve any style with the hair you have by applying these tricks!

What Causes Messy Hair?

The three main causes of    are genetics, damage and dryness, and humidity. Some people are predisposed to frizziness because of hair texture. Curly hair may be naturally frizzy because oil can’t travel as easily down the hair shaft. However, even straight hair can experience frizz from time to time. This occurs when the hair is dry or damaged, or when it’s humid outside. 

The hair cuticle consists of overlapping cells that should be flat and smooth. Heat styling, chemical treatments, and hot water, among others, can lead to damage. This lifts the cells, like scales that are peeling off, leading to rough, rebellious strands. These are some of the reasons cause frizzy hair.

Your showering habits might be damaging your locks.

If you like showering with hot water, go easy on your hair. Hot water strips your hair and scalp of essential oils. This makes your hair frizzy because dry hair swells when it looks for moisture in the air. Wash your hair with lukewarm water instead. 

Likewise, over-washing your hair can also strip it of natural oils. It can be tempting to shampoo frequently in this tropical climate, but try not to. Once a day is enough. If you can help it, thrice a week would be even better. 

Friction can ruffle your cuticles and create frizz. 

All types of friction can cause frizziness. Towel drying your hair, for example, can ruffle the outer layer of your hair shaft. Brushing hair, wearing a hat, even touching it with your hands cause friction. Heated styling tools can be twice as damaging thanks to heat and friction. Instead of roughing your hair up with a regular towel, blot it with a microfiber towel. You could also use an old T-shirt. Use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair to avoid damage.

Harsh chemicals are making your hair dry. 

Harsh chemicals and ingredients also strip your locks of natural oils, resulting in scruffy hair. For example, products containing sulfates and alcohol can make your hair dry. Chemical treatments such as , perming, and hair coloring permanently open up the hair cuticle. 

If you’ve had chemical treatments, use a moisturizing shampoo daily to prevent frizz. Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo is a buhaghag hair treatment that contains five flower essences that make hair smoother and more manageable.

When styling your hair, tame frizz with a humidity-resistant hairspray. TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Smooth Hold reduces frizz with a 24-hour touchable finish. It comes in a micro-mist formula that emits 50% less gas, and deep coverage throughout. You can use this to make or a sleek ponytail with long hair. The possibilities are endless, but thankfully, frizz is not.

To summarize, you can keep your hair from getting messy by conditioning regularly and avoid stripping it of moisture. Frizz makes hair look unbrushed even if you've slaved over it all morning, so for your sake, keep your tresses happy by pampering it with nourishing masks, oils, and serums.

Make messy hair manageable again by adjusting some habits and using better products. Soon enough, you’ll be buhaghag-free and living your best life.