Today’s youth have a knack for liking stuff their older peers swore to never wear again. Dresses over jeans. Trucker hats. Nameplate necklaces. The list keeps going. But when it comes to hairstyles, the generation gap between millennials vs. Gen Z is wider than JLo’s hoop earrings (which, BTW, are hot again). While they have similar core trends like bangs, updos, and accessories, the approach is to each one is unique and quite distinct to each generation. Confused? Let’s compare.

Millennial: Headbands

Watch one episode of Gossip Girl and you’re guaranteed to be a headband fanatic. It’s impossible to pick just one kind when there’s an endless carousel of designs with florals, crystal embellishments, bold patterns, and bright hues. What’s not to love? This classic is practical for styling your third-day hair and upgrades any look instantly.

Gen Z: Hair Clips Everywhere

There’s no such thing as too many , as proven by Gen-Zers. The hair clip-stacking can go as extra as you want. Some even put earrings on their hair. There really is no rule to it, so don’t bother being matchy-matchy unless that's the look you're going for. Basically, your hair is a blank canvas, and you’re the artist.

Millennial: Dip-Dyed Hair

Before balayage, there was the dip-dye technique. It was the quintessential look for Coachella royalties like Vanessa Hudgens and Kylie Jenner. Unlike most dye jobs, this one is super low-maintenance because you’re exempt from the dread of monthly . When you’re over it, you can trim the ends!

Gen Z: Half-and-Half Hair

In the millennials vs. Gen Z hair color standoff, the half-and-half trend takes the prize for its audacious, eye-catching appeal. It’s a dream come true for indecisive peeps and who want to be the coolest person in any room. And what do you know, the split dye works best on middle-parted hair, which is so Zoomers coded.

Millennial: Pompadour Poufs

This poofy, slicked-back hairstyle had all millennials in a chokehold back in the aughts. For the Gen-Zers out there, it’s the same ‘do Hilary Duff rocked in her “With Love” live performance on The Tonight Show, a.k.a. that viral “go girl give us nothing” TikTok video. The best part about the pompadour pouf is it gives you a few inches of height. The worst? It can make you feel hella conscious about your hairline and forehead.

Gen Z: Wolf Cut

When comparing millennials vs. Gen Z based on their takes on the shag, the stands head-to-head with the Rachel hair. Both are iconic, but the former has that wild, untamed quality. The general vibe of this Gen Z haircut is cool and breezy with a rock-and-roll feel.

Be warned, though. It’s a full-on commitment to style the wolf cut. You’ll need a hair dryer, a flat iron, and lots of texture spray. To revive your strands from heat damage, use Sunsilk Damage Reconstruction Shampoo. It contains , almond oil, and vitamin C that help strengthen hair and reduce .

Millennial: Full Side Bangs

In the 2000s, it seemed like everyone and their mother had thick, swoopy bangs covering half of their faces. Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and all Disney Channel rising stars wore this millennial haircut. True, it absolutely slaps, especially if you have a . However, bangs always end up stabbing your eyes and sticking to your forehead, resulting in a cluster of raging pimples. (Sighs in 2005.)

Gen Z: Micro Bangs

are one of the most polarizing Gen Z hairstyles, but contrary to popular belief, they can be wearable. The length can be adapted to complement various hairstyles, from to the . If you want something more subtle, try a wispy version like Hunter Schafer’s.

The only downside is micro bangs take much longer to grow out and require extra effort to maintain. Cut your styling time by prepping hair with Sunsilk Expert-Perfect Straight Shampoo. It has Straight Lock technology that will keep your hair smooth as it dries.

Millennial: Donut Buns

Around the time "Gangnam Style" was the most played video on YouTube, people were cutting a hole in their socks. Why, you ask? To create the perfect donut bun, of course! It’s a neat trick for making your just-rolled-out-of-bed hair effortlessly chic in five minutes. If we’re voting for which trends should make a comeback, this would top the list. Perhaps it won’t be long before the balletcore girls rediscover it.

Gen Z: Spiky Updos

Although the spiky buns are not really a new trend (credits to the ‘90s kids), Gen-Z has successfully made this style their own. It’s now sleeker, tighter, and often paired with baby braids for a touch of fun. Best of all, you can sport it on any occasion. Going to the mall? Attending ? A quick run to the convenience store? No biggie. Twist your hair, wrap it, and you’re ready.

Trends come and go. What’s in vogue today can be a cringe-worthy memory the following year, and vice versa. Besides, reviving trends doesn’t have to mean copying the “original.” Style, after all, is a form of expression. One thing’s for sure: there’s certainly no feud between millennials vs. Gen Z, at least in the hairstyle category. To each their own.