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New year, new you, new...hair? It’s not such a far-out concept. A fresh haircut is a great way to mark new beginnings. It can be symbolic of a change in disposition, perspective, or habits. It can even transcend symbolism and be a literal trigger for new and better things. On the other hand, it can also be an intense release of emotions. A woman shaving her hair off is often associated with a nervous breakdown, but it could very well be an act of reclaiming control. It’s not all as bad as it’s portrayed to be. 

Your motivation behind getting a haircut is inextricably linked to change or the need for it. Science even explains why haircuts and new beginnings, such as starting a new job or a new relationship, go together.

Read on to discover more about the positive psychological effects of getting a fresh ‘do — maybe you’ll be inspired to get a chop yourself.

A New Haircut Is an Impetus for Change

Haircuts may seem superficial, but their effects can run deep. Cutting your hair by even just an inch can feel so refreshing. It gives you a boost of confidence, revives your waning interest in practicing a hair care routine, and makes you more open to experimenting with hairstyles.

For example, a study in the Swedish Scandinavian Journal of Psychology reveals men find it sexy because it’s a sign of health, well-being, and youth. But you don’t need a study to tell you that, do you? Women cutting their hair to a pixie cut are met with disdain and comments like, “May pinagdadaanan ka ba?” or “Pogi natin, ah.”

Therefore, the mere act of , as well as signals a change in attitude. It tells people you are confident, not easily swayed, and certainly not affected by small-minded comments. 

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A New Haircut Feels Like Shedding Bad Juju Away

Another example is how or a traumatic experience, or when they’re about to embark on a better path. Often described as an emotional shedding process, a haircut, in this case, is ritualistic, like getting a tattoo. When things are unraveling, getting The Big Chop is one way of immediately taking back control of life and signaling new beginnings. 

A 2013 study called “Changes in Appearance in the Presence of Major Stress Events” also notes that this can be a stress reaction and may prompt body image dissatisfaction. Stress is a strong motivator behind changes in appearance and self-image. The study cites that these events often have a transformational role and may promote “intentional self-change” — such as getting a haircut — as a coping mechanism.

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Getting a Haircut Is Self-Care

Moreover, going to the salon can be a healing experience in itself. According to a study by the University of Reading, women’s hair care settings are . The same study states that hairdressers are also interpersonal helpers who hear about problems as diverse as those mental health professionals. 

In times of major changes, having a self-care ritual can have a grounding effect. As the New Year arrives, it’s essential to maintain habits that can keep us calm amidst changes and uncertainty. In a study conducted by Harvard Business School, individuals who have experienced loss reported that performing rituals led to feeling less grief. 

While cutting your hair is not something you can do daily, it can help you can into a haircare routine that can contribute to your overall well-being. The American Psychological Association notes that creating these self-care rituals — especially as we lose old ones like listening to music on the way to work or meeting up with friends once a week — can bring back a sense of control and reduce feelings of stress. 

The new year brings new beginnings, new hopes, and new uncertainties that can be a bit daunting. Try taking on the challenge with a fresh haircut for a boost of confidence, inspiration, and lust for life. 

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