A portrait of woman with bright orange hair wearing glasses.

There’s something adrenaline-boosting about sitting in a salon chair, knowing you’ll come out of it looking different. Whether you like your new hairstyle or cry about it later at home, in those fleeting moments, you don’t care. You feel like a pampered queen, ready to take on the world with your new ‘do.

Undergoing a dramatic hair makeover is liberating and deeply personal. You do it for your own satisfaction, not for the approval of others. So, if you’re itching to switch up your look, here’s more reason to take that leap.

It’s a Cathartic Experience

Katy Perry traded her shoulder-length hair for a pixie cut . Beyoncé wore her after giving birth. And who can forget the #quarantinecuts that so many of us attempted during lockdowns? These transformations aren’t superficial. They mark a moment of transition and growth.

As revealed in a 2013 study, nearly cope with stressful life events by changing up their hairdos. The reason? To reclaim control of their body, especially during times of upheaval and uncertainty. It’s like getting a or piercing, only less permanent.

On the flip side, celebrating personal milestones can also inspire you to go for a new hairstyle. There’s an influx of brides who cut their hair mere hours after saying their “I dos.” Even the internet coined the term “new boyfriend hair,” a rite of passage for anyone entering a new romantic relationship. Experimenting with your tresses is a fun way to metaphorically cut ties with the past and move forward.

It Allows You to Try Different Aesthetics

There are lots of stereotypes tied to hair. have more fun. Brunettes are the smart ones. Grow your hair out if you want to look more attractive. Breaking away from these societal expectations may be scary at first, but it lets you embrace different aspects of your beauty with unapologetic confidence.

In a TED Talk, content creator explains how she, and many women, uses hair to discover her true self. “We try to portray a certain message with hair.” Regardless of what others think of her new hairstyle, she never regretted any of it. Not even her coconut bangs or her fiery red locks. “For all the hair changes, I feel different.”

This proves that there’s no such thing as an . And yes, that includes Kate Gosselin’s Karen cut and the from your preschool days. Every look has its unique charm that channels a new attitude you’d never know existed. Who knows, you might feel more like yourself with your fresh hairstyle. You’ll never know until you try it!

Your Confidence Skyrockets

On the day you get a new hairstyle, whether it’s a perm or a dye job, everything is sunshine and rainbows. Coincidence? We think not. According to a survey published by , having a “good hair day” is one of the top three

It’s not at all surprising because hair is often the first thing people notice about you. A few tweaks here and there make you look more put together. Adding bangs and also helps frame your face. Changing your hair color can end up being flattering on your skin tone. But more than that, revamping your old hairstyle is a form of self-care. You’re putting all your attention on your tresses and naturally, it builds up your self-esteem.

Your Hair Looks Healthier

Ever wonder why your strands feel silkier and less after a haircut? It’s not a placebo effect. Changing your hairstyle goes hand in hand with a trim, which eliminates that have been weighing your mane down. Mystery solved!

Moreover, opting for a new hairstyle means upgrading your haircare routine. You may find yourself reaching for nourishing treatments to help make your ‘do more manageable, investing in high-quality products for color maintenance, or simply giving extra love to your locks. Basically, the more you experiment, the more well-versed you’ll be in the haircare department.

How to Choose a New Hairstyle

Before stepping into a salon, look in the mirror and observe your . There are five main types: oval, round, square, heart, and diamond. Understanding which shape you have can help identify your options. For example, the best is one that creates angles and edges.

Next, and perhaps the most exciting step, is looking for references to show your hairdresser. Scour social media and websites to gather images that catch your eye. Lucky for you, we have lots of hair inspos, from to .

Should you decide to freshen up your look with a new hair color, adjust your haircare routine accordingly. Use Vitakeratin Treatment Color Shine to make it last longer. This hair mask is made with Salon Lasting Technology, a blend of keratin, vitamins, and oils, that helps repair damage and keeps your strands smooth. You can also try Cream Silk Treatment Keratin Damage Repair as a daily conditioner. It contains keratin and collagen for visibly straighter, softer, and shinier hair.

Not in the mood for a new hairstyle? That’s okay, too. You can hold onto your signature ‘do and breathe new life into your everyday look. Even something as simple as changing your can make a big difference.