Smiling woman with medium-length dyed hair.

Dealing with over-processed hair is a lot like going through a – the anguish, the regret, and the silent vows to never let it happen again. You may wish to turn back time, but don’t lose hope. You can still mend the heartaches your locks have endured. Whether you’re a part-time hair chameleon or someone who can’t resist a good DIY experiment, use this guide to help you through the trials of hair damage.

Wash Your Hair Frequently, But Be Gentle

We’re not going to force you to shampoo your hair less often. Your wash day schedule should be a personal thing! However, the way you do it can make or (further) break your over-processed hair.

Hair is the most fragile when it’s wet. Harsh scrubbing action will only roughen up the cuticles, which might lead to and split ends. The same woes can happen when you towel-dry your hair too vigorously. This is a message for you: handle your strands with utmost care.

Never Skip Conditioner

Conditioner is more than a friend – it’s your full girl squad in the world of haircare. This multitasker does everything, from providing hydration to offering protection against hair breakage. As if that’s not enough, products like Dove Keratin Repair 1 Minute Serum Conditioner can help rebuild and fortify the hair’s structure from the inside out.

No matter how tempting it is to rush through your shower, take the time to condition your tresses. Think of it as a moment of self-care instead of another step in your daily routine. Apply the conditioner from the middle to the ends of your hair, cover your head with a shower cap, and kick back with your favorite podcast. It’s a chance to and take care of your locks in one go.

Feed Your Hair More Protein

Hair strands are literal threads of proteins. Keratin, in particular, makes up roughly of each. When your strands have been through the wringer of chemicals, heat, and general wear and tear, they begin losing more of this crucial protein, which gives the cuticles a scaly appearance. Safe to say, brittle and over-processed hair demands a feast.

Luckily, you can get – a salon treatment that patches the hair up with a blend of protein fibers. But if you’re looking for a home remedy, consider keratin-infused hair masks like Dove Advanced Keratin Treatment Mask. It also contains vitamin complex and niacinamide that help repair the broken bonds within the hair cuticles, as well as protect them from the damaging effects of styling.

What you eat or don’t eat plays an even bigger role in improving hair health. Consuming adequate amounts of protein-rich foods is essential to help your locks regain strength and elasticity. Don’t skimp on vitamins C, zinc, fatty acids, iron, and biotin, too!

Go Easy on the Hot Tools

Can’t go a day without a or a few passes of the flat iron? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your over-processed hair is pleading for a break. Take it slow by styling your tresses with heat once a week or less often.

On off days, and fall back on and for special occasions. Make your hair more manageable by using Cream Silk Treatment Keratin Rebond Straight as part of your post-shampoo hair care regimen. This deep conditioning treatment leaves your strands smooth, straight, and shiny after one wash.

Cut Off Dead Ends

Some things can’t be saved, no matter how much hair product magic you put on. We’re talking about those fried, . Leave them be and the damage will travel up the hair shaft and cause it to look thinner. Before they wreak more havoc, it’s best to get a trim ASAP.

Regular trims, although they may seem like a sacrifice, are necessary. How often you need them depends on your , level of damage, and length. Go every two months or so, but do have a discussion with your hairstylist to create the schedule that fits you.

There you have it – all the information you need to bring your over-processed hair back to life. It may not yield instant results but trust the process. And when your hair has finally returned to its former glory, keep treating it with the same amount of love!