Asian woman doing a selfie with a Korean pose

You’ve heard the saying: A picture is worth a thousand words. People form an impression from pictures you upload online. They can judge you not just by your looks, but by the quality of the image, pose, lighting, and expression. Here are some profile picture ideas to show off your new 'do.

A study by psychologist Nancy Etcoff in PLOS ONE shows that grooming rituals, including the occasional hair change or more drastic makeovers, can help . Whether you're looking for some positive affirmation (we all need it sometimes!) or just want to share your life update, take a cue from these tips on how to do it right.

Show Your Face Clearly When You Pose

How are your social media profile pictures supposed to stand out when your followers can’t even see your visage? How your new hair flatters your face will turn heads for sure, but you’ll be getting double taps for your boldness and .

In 2016, actress Rowan Blanchard talked about the power of the selfie. According to the Girl Meets World star, a woman in public is empowering. It allows a girl to be in control of how she wants to be seen. Profile pictures work the same way – which is why you should proudly show off your face.

Your hair frames your face and is your crowning glory. Highlight your visage with Dove Botanical Silicone Free Shampoo for Damaged Hair Restore. Made with 100% botanical oil with Pink Moroccan Rose, it restores dry and and gives hair a light feel. Finish off with Cream Silk Hydra Fresh Fresh and Bouncy Conditioner which is infused with Hydracollagen Technology. It makes your hair bouncy and fresh – all the more perfect for a social media profile picture.

Add Some Color to Your Photos

Social media is one of the fastest-moving things in the world today. Your profile picture ideas can include having lots of colors to catch the eye – quickly. Most websites use blue to capture attention and evoke emotion. If you want to display your , choose a background that would contrast.

Use a Simple Background

Since you want the focus to be on your ‘do, don’t clutter your profile photo with objects and accessories. A good practice for profile picture ideas is a two-or-three-dimensional background. The cleaner and fuss-free your background is, the more fun the selfie poses with hair.

Add Some Feeling to Your Photo

Do you want to go for fierce? Silly? Sassy? Sweet? Show some real emotion in your headshot. It makes you more relatable to others. More than that, your personality will show. The best profile picture is the one that reflects your authentic self. Do a cute pout, if that’s calling out to you. Make selfie poses with your hair.

If you’re doing the latter, use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum to get shiny locks. It detangles knots, boosts shine, and fights frizz and flyaways.

Keep the Light Flattering

A well-lit photo will always put you in a flattering light. Clarity, contrast, and cropping make a difference. Highlight your ‘do by having enough saturation. To improve your social media presence, have enough light in the photo so your hair and face can be seen clearly. When it comes to cropping, stick to the standard 1:1 aspect ratio, which most platforms, particularly the ‘gram, require. Go on and show off that new style.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Don’t have enough profile picture ideas? Hire a pro. They can come up with the best photos to highlight your ‘do – and they know the best lighting. If you can’t afford a professional photographer, ask a creative friend to help you out. Be experimental and remain open to inspiration from everywhere.