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Pimples do not discriminate. It can show up on your face, your back, your derriere, and even your scalp. While you can't readily see scalp acne because of your hair, it can cause discomfort, especially when you’re combing or if you’re a compulsive picker (by the way, don’t try to pop your zits).

Scalp acne develops the way other pimples do ­– from an overproduction of dirt and sebum that clogs the and pores. Unfortunately, unlike your readily washable skin, you generally shouldn’t shampoo your hair more than once a day.

Scalp Acne Causes

Several factors cause dirt and oil to accumulate in your scalp. Those with oilier manes are more susceptible to scalp pimples, but specific lifestyle choices can also contribute to the buildup.

Does your head sweat often?

Sweating in your head from or hats can add to your scalp’s debris. If your head perspired excessively after a fashionable headwear moment or a workout, make sure to shower as soon as possible.

You style your hair too much.

An article called “Pomade Acne” in the Archives of Dermatology reveals that about 70% of long-term pomade users developed acneiform eruption in their heads, including their foreheads and temples. Oily hair products, including wax, hair oil, or leave-in conditioners can clog your hair follicles. This isn’t to say that you can’t use these products. Make sure to wash your hair and scalp thoroughly to remove any residue.

Do you wash your hair properly?

Many people wet their hair, slap on some shampoo, and rinse without giving the process much thought. However, there is a proper way to wash your hair.

Put an amount the size of a five-peso coin of shampoo on your palm and lather it on thoroughly wet hair. The dampness of your hair will help spread the product better. Ideally, begin with the scalp. Use your fingertips to rub the shampoo on your scalp, catching deep-seated debris and cleaning the pores. You should take around three minutes for your scalp alone. Use more shampoo depending on your hair length, thickness, and type.

Rinsing is a crucial step. Shampooing becomes counterproductive if you don’t wash it off well. You’ll be adding to all the gunk that’s gathered on your scalp. The same goes for conditioner.

Clean your sheets.

Think about the things your head comes in contact with, such as hats, scarves, your computer chair, your pillow, and your bed. These could also be adding to the problem. Practice and clean your surroundings as much as yourself

How to Prevent Pimples on Your Scalp?

Being clean and conscientious is the best way to prevent oil and dirt buildup anywhere in your body, not just your scalp. To avoid scalp pimples, use Dove Dermacare Scalp Soothing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. This set removes flakes, lessens irritation, and leaves hair smooth and manageable.

Another option is the CLEAR Complete Soft Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. It’s infused with amino acids to nourish the scalp. It not only and excess sebum but also resists it.

Scalp acne can be dealt with quickly. However, if your problem doesn’t seem to improve despite these measures, you should consult with a dermatologist. It might be or another scalp condition. Either way, wash your hair well and don’t neglect your scalp. You can avoid so many issues that way.

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