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After years of being cooped up, you can finally do the things you love again (albeit with masks). You can see your friends, eat in restaurants, and return to the office. You can relax now. So, let your beautiful hair down, figuratively and literally. The time has come for you to break out and break free.

However, if you’re experiencing a bit of you’re not alone. Returning to the light after a long time in the shadows can take some getting used to. For example, you need to adjust to the new social-distancing conventions. Your hair, which has been protected and pampered indoors, is once again exposed to heat, smoke, and dust. But all that can be remedied. After everything you’ve been through, nothing’s going to stop you – especially not your hair.

Get your best, most beautiful hair yet with Sunsilk’s new and improved variants. They protect your mane from external aggressors and infuse it with fragrant nourishment. So, don’t let usok and init bother you because they certainly will not bother your hair.

Gives Your Hair What It Needs

The upgraded Sunsilk shampoos have an Active-infusion of all new oils, vitamins, and proteins to give your hair exactly what it needs. These ingredients leave the hair smoother, stronger, and fragrant. Nourishing oils reduce friction by keeping each strand of your hair moisturized, forming a protecting shield that keeps your hair cuticles smooth and unbothered. Vitamins that are rich in antioxidants maintain your hair’s health while combating external aggressors. Finally, proteins, the building blocks of healthy hair, strengthen it and make it more resilient.

Protects Hair from Aggressors

With these ingredients, Sunsilk shampoos give you beautiful hair by protecting it against the top five hair aggressors: pollution, micro dust, humidity, heat, and UV rays. These can damage your hair and scalp by lifting the layers of the cuticle or breaking down the protective protein layers of your strands and scalp. UV rays can dehydrate your locks, which can lead to , and even . Regular exposure can lead to rougher, weaker, and less manageable hair.

Each Sunsilk variant is tested and proven to cleanse and smooth hair damage, create an outer layer of protection around each strand, and leave it with a long-lasting shape and fragrance for up to 48 hours.

Best-Ever Sunsilk for Beautiful Hair

Meet the new variants with Active-infusion — the best blend of oils, vitamins, and proteins — to protect hair from frizz and malodor.

• Sunsilk Pink Smooth & Manageable – Contains nourishing flower oils, vitamin B3, and collagen, which together, support healthier, thicker, and more luscious hair.

• Sunsilk Green Long & Strong – Contains castor oil, biotin, and aloe vera, which are all known to stimulate the scalp and promote .

Sunsilk Purple Expert-Perfect Straight – Contains jojoba oil, vitamin E, and silk proteins that nourish and moisturize your strands from root to tip, making it expert-perfect straight.

• Sunsilk Orange Damage Repair – Contains almond oil, vitamin C, and , repairing the hair with essential antioxidants and infusing each strand with fortifying proteins.

The new best-ever Sunsilk variants are your fail-safe bet against aggressors and your partner in achieving unstoppable fragrant, beautiful hair.