Asian woman with short hair wearing a white shirt

When Miley Cyrus wanted to strip herself of her tween persona, she cut her hair, released Bangerz, and straddled a wrecking ball. Many times. On international TV. First came shock, then displeasure. Then, a wave of pixie cut-wearing women — of all ages, shapes, sizes, and hair types — having the time of their lives. The pixie cut is just one of the many short haircuts for women that can turn someone’s life around.

Samson may have lost his strength when he lost his hair, but for women, it’s a different story. Short hair is powerful and here’s why.

Short Is Transformative

There’s something liberating about going from long to short hair. It can feel like shedding old skin and along with it, the baggage of the past. The “” is a thing because it’s simply empowering to take control of your appearance and make space for the new. 

In 2011, Emma Watson chopped all her Hermione hair off after filming the last Harry Potter. In 2014, genderfluid actress Ruby Rose released her short film, Break Free, where she gives herself an undercut to become her “true self.” Heck, even Basha got a “haircut” after her breakup with Popoy in One More Chance.

When you're going through major changes — a new relationship, new job, new home — getting a fresh chop is a stylish way to match the giddy feeling you have inside. Short haircuts for women can complete or complement a transformation so the new you can begin. 

Short Is Strength

Short haircuts for women can really bring out strength. It can perfectly capture physical strength, as well as quietly express resilience. When Carrie-Anne Moss first showed up as Trinity in The Matrix, she reminded the world of the power of short hair on a strong woman. Can you imagine Trinity with long hair? Not quite, right? It didn't diminish her femininity, instead, it amplified it. She kicked ass and looked great doing it.

Another picture of a different kind of strength is Michelle Williams. In 2011, the actress got a short pixie cut for a heartbreaking reason. In an interview, she said she wears it in memory of somebody who really loved it, referring to the late Heath Ledger. To this day, she always comes back to the pixie, which will always be a symbol of her strength.

Short Is Sexy

Whoever thinks short hair isn’t sexy clearly hasn’t been paying attention. Have you never seen Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies? Halle Berry in Swordfish? Rihanna in... anything? They are proof that short haircuts for women can be hot — yes, in any outfit. Further proof that short is sexy? Look at Winona Ryder in the '90s or Charlize Theron through the years. They have a different brand of sexiness that somehow comes through better when long locks aren’t in the way. 

You can be sexy with short hair. It’s all about owning it and For short hair that’s smooth, shiny, and healthy, use Dove Straight & Silky Keratin Tri-Silk Serum Shampoo. This unique formula contains amino essence, an essential amino acid that deeply nourishes hair fibers for high shine.

Short Is Power

If your favorite Sex and the City character is Miranda, you’re most likely a decisive, ambitious, go-getter who’s got her life together, for the most part. While other people “don’t mind” her hair, you love it because it makes her look like the no-nonsense powerhouse lawyer that she is. In a city full of Carrie, Samantha, and Charlotte hairstyles, she rocked a Miranda — which will always be the ultimate power move.

In V for Vendetta, Natalie Portman’s character shaved all her head off. On-screen, it was empowering to watch. Off-screen, it was a really stressful experience that she did in a single take. She won two best actress awards for that role.

In 1989, model Linda Evangelista went from having long hair to sporting her now iconic bowl cut. After getting the chop, her modeling rates quadrupled, and it cemented her supermodel status. Planning world domination? Maybe having short hair is the key.

Short is Chic

Chicness is one is the most obvious superpowers of women who have short hair. Among the popular short hair trends, the pixie cut, bob, and buzzcut are the most . Emphasis on “effortless” — not having to try is a crucial component. 

Case in point, Anna Wintour, who is not only chic but also dictates all things chic. Victoria Beckham, who, as Posh Spice was famous for her skinny frame and asymmetrical haircut (a.k.a. the Poxie), is now a respected fashion designer. Hashtag chic. Tilda Swinton? Cate Blanchett? The new Gossip Girl’s buzzcut-wearing queen bee, Jordan Alexander? Très chic.

Short haircuts for women can be transformative and empowering. The right short haircut for your face shape and hair type can boost confidence, and it all cascades from there.