Asian woman with thick healty hair

Thick hair is a gift that keeps on giving. Feel cold? It’s a built-in scarf! Receding hairline? Not a chance! Styling? The possibilities are endless! However, it does also take — a lot. Patience, time, effort, money, you name it. Still, it’s not something its blessed owners would trade for the world. If you are one of them, read on for easy, non-expensive ways to keep your thick hair healthy and manageable.

Keep It Conditioned

Keeping any hair type conditioned is always a good idea. However, with thick hair, it’s a must. Otherwise, it can get frizzy, rebellious, and prone to damage. To avoid thick hair problems, such as tangles, coarseness, knots, and the consequent hair fall, after you shampoo. If your hair isn’t that dirty (ex. You stayed in an air-conditioned room all day working from home), you can skip the shampoo and just use conditioner on the length of the hair, avoiding the roots.

Don’t Over-Blow-dry

Thick hair takes forever to blow-dry. Don’t be surprised if your stylist breaks a sweat in the process. It takes a bit of muscle to go through your glorious hair. Blow-drying hair at home takes even longer since you’re not using a professional hairdryer. Plus, it's tricky to work on your own. It can lead to overdoing the heat styling, resulting in the dreaded three Ds: dry, dehydrated, and damaged locks. To avoid this, allow your hair to air dry or wrap it in a towel for a few minutes before blasting it with hot air.

Use a Hair Mask

Using a hair mask or deep conditioning cream treatment works well with for thick hair. Conditioners “condition” the outer structure of the hair shaft, making it smoother and more manageable. On the other hand, hair masks are formulated to go deeper into the cortex to repair the damage. If your thick hair has split ends, feels limp and rough, and lacks shine, adding a hair mask to your routine can help restore it.

Get Some Layers

Don’t be afraid to get a haircut with layers if you have thick hair. Some people avoid it because they think their hair will become wavy or coarse. However, the reality is, your thick hair will have waves anyway, especially if you have coarser strands. Getting a will give it the shape and body it needs to make these waves look sexier and more "on-purpose." 

Avoid Heavy Styling Products

Thick hair can mean either you have denser hair or the strands are wider in circumference. Either way, you’re carrying more weight. Avoid using thick styling products like gels and creams to keep your hair from falling flat or feeling heavy. Stick to weightless mousses, hairsprays, or gel sprays for a more weightless hold.

Smooth It with Serum

A serum is a quick way to add smoothness and shine to thick hair. It can make it more manageable, too. The effect usually lasts throughout the day — in fact, sometimes it looks better later in the day when the serum and your hair’s natural oils have both done their thing. Apply serum on clean, damp hair to tame and . Try to avoid applying serum to the roots, or your hair will look greasy. 

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum offers the best of both worlds – it tames messy hair without weighing it down. Keratin and marula oil work together to smoothen your hair while maintaining its natural bounce.

A healthy hair care routine can lead to stronger, shinier locks, which in turn can give you a . And because thick hair is a blessing, keep it that way by caring for your locks every day and giving them some well-deserved nourishment. Is your hair on the thin or limp side? Read our article on to keep your locks in tip-top shape.