Asian woman with beachy waves

Living on a tropical island like the Philippines has its ups and downs. For the most part, you are blessed with sunny weather all year long, which means you get to go to the beach for most of the year. However, it can also affect your tresses, especially if you don’t treat them right. If you love island life and your hair, this article is for you.

Dry, Dull, and Damaged Hair

Have you ever heard of the phrase “fried hair”? It’s a common occurrence in tropical climates. Dry, dull, and damaged hair is a common problem in these parts, thanks to the heat. If you love the beach, sunbathe with caution because UV rays don’t just affect your skin, they can also ruin your hair and scalp. Excessive heat vaporizes your hair, which consists of 10-15% water. When this happens, hair loses elasticity and shine, becoming rough and unmanageable.

Avoid exposing your hair to direct sunlight by wearing hats or scarves. Your scalp can get sunburnt like the rest of your skin, so protect it when going out. You could also use products that can help shield your tresses from intense UV rays. When showering, skip the hot water to keep your strands from drying. Use lukewarm water and keep your bath time short to help your hair retain its natural moisture.

Frizzy, Unmanageable Strands

Humidity and frizz are long-time BFFs. Where one goes, the other follows – especially on a tropical island. Your strands attract humidity from the environment when their moisture levels are low. The process rearranges the bonds in your hair fibers, causing chaotic frizz. Professional are popular because they semi-permanently smoothen the hair without making it stick straight.

If you can’t get to a salon or prefer to DIY, use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum. It instantly reduces frizz and adds shine when applied to clean, dry hair. Avoid the roots to keep your hair from going flat. Start mid-length and swipe down to the ends.

Greasy, Sweaty Hair, and Split Ends

More heat equals more sweat, which makes your hair and scalp prone to oiliness. Greasy hair that’s dull and flat looks unappealing on anybody. It's also the perfect breeding ground for dandruff. Use a shampoo that removes product buildup, excess sebum, sweat, and bacteria.

Immediately showering after perspiring prevents a host of problems. When sweat stews on your scalp for too long, it accumulates more dirt, bacteria, and oil. Try Dove Botanical Silicone Free Shampoo for Fresh Hair Clarify and Dove Botanical Silicone Free Conditioner for Fresh Hair Clarify. These refresh the hair, making it soft and bouncy again.

Living on a tropical island can bring a lot of joy, but it can also cause a lot of problems, especially when it comes to one’s hair. Use hair products that can help ease these issues and protect your hair from.