A woman washing her hair

If you’ve ever stood in front of the conditioner aisle at the supermarket, overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices, then you’ve come to the right place. Take this quiz to determine exactly what kind of conditioner will give your hair the TLC that it needs.

Let’s Find the Right Conditioner for You

1. When I look in the mirror, I see…

A. More than a few strands out of place.

B. Limp and lifeless hair.

C. Hair with zero shine.

D. Some loose strands of hair on my shirt.

E. White specks on my shoulders.

F. My once-vibrant hair color turning brassy.

2. Whenever I brush my hair, I think…

A. Ugh frizz, be gone!

B. It still looks really flat.

C. It feels so dry.

D. Ack! Why is there is so much hair on my brush?

E. Ahh, I love how this doubles as a head scratcher.

F. My roots look really obvious.

3. I don’t normally wear ponytails because…

A. I can never get the front part to look smooth and sleek.

B. I can never get the perkiness of a bouncy cheerleader ponytail.

C. Mine always ends up looking so dull.

D. Too many strands get caught on the elastic when I remove it.

E. I want easy access to my scalp so I can scratch it!

F. The ends look so damaged from all the coloring.

4. When I let my hair dry naturally, it…

A. Looks buhaghag!

B. Looks alarmingly thin.

C. Feels like it needs a shot of moisture.

D. Leaves some strands behind on my towel.

E. Feels the same—the itchiness never ends.

F. Kind of looks like a walis.

5. A hair genie magically appears out of your shampoo bottle. What would you wish for?

A. Silky, pang-Miss Universe hair

B. Full and bouncy locks

C. Just healthy hair, thank you very much

D. For my hair to stop clogging up my shower drain

E. For my scalp to stop being so itchy all the darn time

F. For my highlights to look as vibrant as they did on Day 1

Your Perfect Conditioner

Tally up your answers to find the best conditioner for you.

If you answered mostly As: You need a frizz tamer.

Try Cream Silk Vitamin Boost Standout Straight, a dynamic fusion of Pro-Vitamin B5 that injects back lost nourishment to revitalize hair from within and argan oil to smoothen hair. It softens each strand to help control stubborn flyaways.

If you answered mostly Bs: You need a volumizer.

Breathe life into limp locks with a clarifying shampoo that moisturizes hair without weighing it down. Choose a formula that's clear and lightweight, but doesn't strip your hair of its natural moisture.

If you answered mostly Cs: Your need a revitalizer.

What your hair needs now is love, sweet love, and you can give it the care it needs with Cream Silk Vitamin Boost Hairfall Defense. This conditioner has 10x more vitamins like Pro Vitamin B5, as well as marula and argan oil to fortify and strengthen hair.

If you answered mostly Ds: You need a hair fall rescuer.

Hair fall can be due to any number of reasons, like heredity, stress, hormones, or lifestyle. While you should definitely figure out the source and address that, you can help strengthen strands with Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Hairfall Defiance. It combines the benefits of 3 keratin products to tame rebellious frizz, revive intensely dry locks, and restore extremely dull tresses.

If you answered mostly Es: You need a scalp-soother.

Say goodbye to dandruff by getting to the root of the problem: the scalp. Look for a shampoo that's specially designed to eliminate dandruff and flaky scalp. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and as much as possible, don't leave your hair wet!

If you answered mostly Fs: You need a color-booster.

Color-treated hair needs some extra care, not just to preserve the color but also to keep it healthy. Try Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive, which has color protect technology that helps color lasts 2x longer, for ultimately beautiful vibrant hair that lasts.

If you’re thinking of skipping conditioner altogether, our advice is: don’t. Conditioners give back much-needed moisture to your hair after shampooing, protect it against damage, and keep it smooth and tangle-free. All the other stuff – from volumizing to color-boosting – are just a bonus.

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