Asian woman with glasses and short bob haircut in front of pink background

The bob haircut is a fashionable way to update your look, whether you’re coming from a short, or a . It's chic, fresh, and youthful, and comes in different versions. There’s the French bob, like Audrey Tautou’s hair in Amélie, the asymmetrical bob famously worn by Victoria Beckham’s Posh Spice, the wispy layered bob, the long bob, and the blunt bob. 

These bob hairstyles may be intimidating, but the nice thing about them is your stylist can tailor the length and cut to suit your face shape and . However, they do require upkeep and aren’t quite as low maintenance as they seem. Here are five tips on keeping your bob cut looking good. 

Get a Regular Dusting

Getting a regular “dust” or a micro-cut will help keep your style in good shape without snipping away too much. When hair dusting, the stylist will take smaller sections of hair and snip away at the tips and damaged areas. While a regular trim would usually take about an inch off your hair, a dusting is more conservative. This makes your bob even without major treatment. 

Use Your Fingers to Comb

With a bob, you can get away with not brushing your hair and still not get tangles. Instead, use your fingers to comb through your shorter strands. This transfers your natural oils evenly through your hair and prevents a poufy bob. Brushing too often can also , which is difficult to hide with . So, you want to avoid that at all costs.

Rethink Your Makeup

A short bob means having less hair to hide behind, which, admit it, we sometimes do. Because most bobs accentuate the face more, try changing up your makeup look to suit your . If you have a French bob, do as the French do. Go with bare skin and a blue-toned lipstick stain. If you have a blunt bob, emphasize the angles of your face with a light dusting of bronzer along the jawline for contrast.

Expect Some Frizz

Frizz is, sadly, an inescapable part of life. can get especially while your hair adjusts to its newfound weightlessness. However, don’t let this discourage you from keeping the bob of your dreams. Use products that tame , like TRESemmé Ultimate Straight & Shine Shampoo and TRESemmé Ultimate Straight & Shine Conditioner. These contain shea butter oil and Vitamin H, which moisturize hair and leave it salon-soft.

Style Without Heat

Heat styling can damage . However, need extra care, especially if you plan on eventually growing it out. Luckily, there are ways to style short hair without using a flat iron. For example, you can use bobby pins to either straighten your hair or bend the strands into vintage waves. You can also use tie the top half of your hair with scrunchy for a few minutes to smooth frizz and give your bob some volume. If you must blow-dry, keep the drier 12 inches from your hair to avoid damage. 

The key to enjoying your bob haircut longer is by keeping it healthy. Try these five tips out and see the benefits of being gentle with your hair.