proud woman showing off her new haircut

Coco Chanel famously said that a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life, and we wholeheartedly agree. Whether it’s to signal the start of a new chapter or simply to shake off the monotony of pandemic life, a new haircut really does have some life-changing magic. 

If you’ve been thinking about switching up your hairstyle, then you’re in luck: These new haircuts for women are all low-maintenance and universally flattering, so they’ll leave little room for regret.

New Haircuts for Women

According to Paris-trained hairstylist Muriel Vega-Perez, the emerging trends in haircuts are textured hair, the angled bob, and curtain bangs. “They’re the current trend because they fit everyone. You look fashionable and fab with less maintenance,” he explains.

Before you commit to a drastic cut, however, it’s important to ask yourself if it will fit in with your lifestyle. “[Think about] practicality—can you maintain and care for it?” says Muriel. No matter how low-maintenance a haircut is, it might still be a hassle if your previous hair-care routine was non-existent.

Once you’ve mulled over the practicalities, you can take your pick from these trendy cuts:

Textured hair

Say goodbye to layers and hello to texture! “A textured cut gives more depth from roots to tips while a layered one gives more drama to edges,” explains Muriel. The style can work on long or short hair, as in designer Vania Romoff’s soft, textured bob.

To achieve texture, the stylist cuts hair at an angle, giving it more movement and volume. The cut works especially well with wavy and curly hair. To maintain this hairstyle, wash and with a nourishing shampoo like TRESemme's Detox & Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner.

The low angled bob

While many women are still requesting a or lob, more and more are asking for an angled version, and for good reason. “An angled bob trims more of the face, making it appear longer, and adds a little bit of spice to your look, compared to a traditional bob,” says Muriel. 

While a classic bob can sometimes look a little severe, an angled one looks edgy and modern. Case in point: Even though Victoria Beckham was way ahead of the pack and had an angled bob years ago, it still looks so right now.

Curtain bangs

Soft and wispy, curtain are shorter in the middle and longer on the sides, parted in the center to frame your features. Unlike blunt bangs, they’re more versatile and easier to style—you can feather them for some ’70s glam, work in some beachy waves, or leave them hanging straight while you put your hair up in a bun. They’re even long enough so you can pin them on days when you don’t feel like having your hair in your face. They work with pretty much any length, whether long or short.

Plus, they’re more forgiving in case you decide to do some bang maintenance yourself! Just keep in mind that there are so many variations of curtain bangs, so it’s best to bring a peg to your stylist.

With these high-impact, low-maintenance haircuts, you’ll look super stylish while still having time for other things—after all, you’re out to change your life!

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