Woman baby bangs and a low ponytail smiling.

Plucking, drawing, laminating, tattoos, bleaching – eyebrows have been the subject of a roller coaster of trends. You’ve probably tried growing them out a la Lily Collins or had them shaped like Rihanna’s natural arches. As you try more brow shapes, you’ll discover that not all will work on you. Hint: it might have to do with your facial features.

Most beauty experts shape their brows based on the angularness of their faces. However, your hair can alter the symmetry. With this logic, it makes sense to tweak your eyebrows whenever you get a new hairdo. So, go get a mirror, grab your eyebrow pencil, and explore the different brow shapes you can rock, according to your haircut.

Short Hair: High-Arched Full Brows

When you have a bob or , your face becomes the center of attention. The best brow shapes for this haircut would be anything with defined arches, which add definition to your face contours. If you have sharp cheekbones or a long face, elongate the tails to balance the proportions of your features. Make high arches (as naturally as possible!) to add angles to your cute .

To do this, you need to map out your brows first. Find the highest point of your natural brows – this is where your arch should be. Draw upward strokes with a thin pencil at the front of your brows, then draw above the hairline to define the arch. 

Don’t be afraid to fill in your brows, as the thickness makes your forehead appear smaller. If you find them too dark, use a taupe brow tint to soften the look while retaining their shape.

Bangs: Soft-Arched Brows

Fringe softens your facial structure and adds more volume to the upper portion of the face. While thick, bushy brows look good on short-haired gals, it’s not the case with women who rock bangs. Straight brow shapes don’t work either since they can clash with your fringe and make your features look heavy.

Natural-looking eyebrows are perfect when you want blunt bangs, curtain bangs, or a wispy fringe. Soft arches accentuate your eye shape without crowding your face. Check out the brows of Lisa from BLACKPINK for inspiration. You can still see her eyebrows through her bangs, and the subtle yet defined arches sharpen her gaze.

Blonde Beauties: Dark Brows

No joke, the high contrast between your bleached blonde hair and deep-tinted brows will give you that cool girl vibe. High fashion peeps have used this juxtaposition to their advantage for a long time. The mismatched color makes your eyes pop and brings your features closer together – a good trick if you have wide-set eyes.

This trend is not exclusive to blondes, mind you. If you have dyed your hair lighter, you can achieve this look by using a brow product that is one or two shades darker, like a dark brown to warm mocha. Keep things simple by filling in the sparse space. Define your arches by blending concealer along their edges with a small, tapered brush.

Curly Hair: Rounded Feathery Brows

Natural or permed, bouncy curls can make the face appear fuller. And in case you didn’t know it yet, balanced facial proportions can enhance your . One way to offset a full face and big hair is with feathery brows. Add some body-ody to your brows by having them microbladed. You can also draw feathery strokes using a brow pen and set the look with brow gel.

Styling your curls properly is also essential. There’s a fine line between wavy curls and a messy bedhead. Tame flyaways and detangle any knots with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum. This serum and oil combo adds a healthy shine to your hair and gives it more bounce. Most of all, it works on salon-styled and .

Long Straight Hair: Straight Brows

Long straight hair is a blank canvas that goes with various brow shapes. But the most famous pairing for this hairstyle is straight, flat brows – a trend that has swept Korean and Western beauty industries.

Straight brow shapes can have different effects on your appearance. First, they have a youthful, innocent vibe that suits the popular Douyin makeup style. Second, they give you a faux eye lift that goes well with supermodel-like cat eyes.

To maintain the smoothness and shine of long, straight hair, use Sunsilk Expert-Perfect Straight Shampoo, which has Straight Lock Technology to keep your hair . While waiting for your hair to dry, draw your brows with an angled brush and eyebrow powder.

Wolf Cut: Skinny Eyebrows

If your brows haven’t recovered from the overplucking contagion of the early 2000s, you might want to get ASAP. The look is a match made in Gen Z heaven, thanks to the likes of Jenna Ortega and Doja Cat.

Before you raise your hand in protest, know that the upgraded skinny brow is unlike its barely-there predecessor. You don’t need to shave your eyebrows off (thank God!) and re-draw them with a pencil. You can rock your natural brows if they are thin and light in color. Sounds simple, right?

Try this trendy combo if you like changing up your look regularly. When you’re over your wolf cut, grow it out by keeping your hair in tip-top shape. Use Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo, which has biotin to , and aloe vera to strengthen hair strands.

Play around with haircuts and brow shapes to your heart’s content. Try the iconic duos above and see which suits you best. And one last piece of advice: don’t overpluck your eyebrows, no matter what!