Asian woman with shaved head laughing

Nothing says badass more than a . With traditional beauty standards revolving around long and lustrous hair, a shaved head breaks haircut conventions and liberates the style rebel in you. It's hard not to notice the confidence exuded by women who rock this edgy look. But before you think of shaving it all off, check out some tips on maintaining a shaved head and what to do when you want to grow it out.

Know Your Head Shape

Knowing your head shape may sound obvious, but many people have never seen what their heads look like without hair. Aside from its shape, consider other distinguishing marks like scars, , or birthmarks that you need to be comfortable exposing once you decide to take the plunge, or in this case, the razor. That said, head shape or scars shouldn’t deter you from doing what you want. Wear your shaved head with confidence, and no one will even notice.

Massage Your Scalp

If you’re reading this and you’re already rocking a buzz cut and want to grow your hair out. One (relaxing) way to stimulate hair growth is to give yourself a scalp massage. The best part is it’s so easy to incorporate into your routine. Massage your scalp with your fingers when you shower or before bed. Try using essential oils for regrowth, like and peppermint oil, for a relaxing, .

Choose the Right Shampoo

As your hair grows longer, you’ll need to put more thought into the shampoo you use. While won’t necessarily speed up the process, their formulas can help keep your hair and roots strong. Try Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo to fortify your tresses as they grow longer.

You could also start rotating your products to suit your hair’s changing needs. When you feel buildup beginning to weigh your hair down, use TRESemmé Detox & Nourish Shampoo. It contains stimulating ginger and detoxifying to help strengthen your hair and scalp. It’s free of parabens or dyes, so it’s gentle enough for daily use.

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen protection is the foundation of healthy skin, and a shaved head is newly exposed skin that needs extra defense against UV rays. A regular with at least SPF 30 can work, but if that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can use alternatives like SPF powders or sticks. Don’t forget to apply the product on your hairline, temples, neck, and ears. For extra protection, accessorize with a sporty cap or a wide-brimmed hat.

Yes, you still need to shampoo and condition your shaved head. Your hair will need those nutrients and moisture to build resilience against sun damage. Dove Botanical Selection Hair Conditioner for Fresh Hair Clarify moisturizes and clarifies your scalp from oil and product residue (like sunscreen!), leaving you with a fresh, clean feeling.

Don’t Skip Meals

Now would probably not be the best time to go on a diet. For your cropped hair’s sake, get your daily supply of vitamins. Load up on , such as those rich in vitamins B and D, biotin, and fish oil. So go ahead, indulge in lox and bagels. Your hair will thank you for it.

See Your Stylist Regularly

If you’re growing it out, can help your buzz cut transition into a pixie in the sleekest way possible. You don’t need to endure awkward “growing out styles” in the process. Have a plan and bring haircut pegs with every visit. Finally, don’t hesitate to get trims every two weeks to keep your ends healthy and free of split ends.

Experiment With a New Look

You don’t have to wait for your hair to fully grow out for you to have a little fun with it. Go crazy and experiment with a bold new color like or platinum blonde. For inspiration, you might want to check out Saweetie’s and Irish Law’s platinum buzzcuts.

While you’re at it, put a little extra effort into your makeup. If a buzz cut made you want to go bolder with your eyelashes or lip color choices, perhaps a pixie cut and, eventually, a bob will require a softer beauty look. Whether you’re going for the natural look or transforming into your metaverse persona with futuristic metallics, make sure you feel confident in how it complements your hairstyle.

You’ve loved your shaved head, and now you want to grow it out. It's okay. You’ll be rocking long hair in no time.